Lethal Lipps (@bornlethallipps)


Lethal Lipps is a competent rap artist and an experienced hot and beautiful adult film actress from the USA. She lives in Queens, New York, USA. She got her school education in the year 2000 from Manhattan Art and Design. Furthermore, She studied Fashion Design and Marketing at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale. She is a former Owner-Operator at Monique & Company inc. from 2005 to 2010.


Lethal Lipps is hot, warm, loving, beautiful, experienced, caring and enthusiastic in her nature and body. She is a serious actress and knows the chemistry and mechanism of acting like an adult actress. She has maintained her strong body in beautiful and attractive exposure. A big round ass with eye-catching tattoos and attractive positioning is really an appealing beauty for satisfaction.

The vast social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and many more are the best choices for the promotion of both the careers where Lethal Lipps is an active participant and contributor. Her active and all-time presence on social media is a reflection of her personality as a public figure. The great feature of Lethal Lipps’s personality is her sincerity, purity, loyalty, and love for all who love her. Lethal Lipps is a loving personality and she is a beloved artist, it’s comprehensible going through her lost page with more than 1.1m followers. She seeks helps for the restoration of her page which was deactivated after she was Cyberbullied. Her followers are very precious for her and she is thankful to them for their support. She knows the importance of public relations and so she is very grateful to her friends.

Lethal Lipps, whose Instagram identity is bornlethallipps and YouTube’s and Twitter’s ID is lethallippsxxx can be approached any time anywhere. She promises high-value services with selfless love and respect. She knows the worth of values and norms, she knows the way to be happy and to make happy, she understands the meaning of love and satisfaction well, she offers her heart and soul in response to true love and respect.

Lethallipps’s lifestyle is really amazing and her career is truly interesting. She hides nothing of her private and professional life but also she understands the secrets of professionalism. Her posts on social media networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and on the video-sharing platform Youtube state many interesting things about the marvelous lifestyle of Lethallipps. She has captivated the hearts of thousands of her followers because of her fascinating and distinctive lifestyle.


Lethallipps’s body language is hot and strong, her body and figures are rich in sexual appeals. A time spent with her really would be the most precious moment and great momentum for passion and desire. She has 35.5K followers on her Instagram ID. Her fan following is increasing day in and day out. Her style, her way, and her approach are so unique that she is liked and loved by many of her followers.

If you want to meet her you can follow her on Instagram (bornlethallipps), on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/1Monique.DeClou), on a video sharing channel youtube (youtube.com/lethallippsxxx) and on Twitter (lethallippsxxx).

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