Valeria Alvez (@bodybyval)


Valeria Alvez is a well known Miami based celebrity of the world of fashion and a perfect and recognized fashion designer, her professional name is Body By Val which is well known in the fashion designing industry. Her work for FUBU, in the Female Line and with Adidas certifies her abilities and capabilities in her profession. She also worked with DRU HILL and was featured in the Show Unsung last night with her wardrobe. She also has the privilege of making clothes for DRU HILL’s Album Cover.


Valeria Alvez is an entrepreneur and fashion designer who launched her custom-made line Body By Val in the fall of 2013 and has since followed her vision and is enjoying tremendous success with socialites and celebrities as clients, due to her unique style and a keen eye for design. A shirt that she has designed for Flo Rida is a monument in Snoopy Museum Tokyo at the gallery “the Peanuts Worldwide Corp”.

The personality and work of Valeria Alvez are really interesting, her work is genuine like her lifestyle. She knows the mechanism of her profession. She has a great taste of the social values and norms. She is well aware of the trending values in costumes and fashion.

Valerie is the creator and creative director of Body By Val. The line makes both high-end menswear and custom-made bodysuits for clients ranging from Miami’s finest nightclubs to socialites and celebrities. Due to Body by Val’s perfect reputation, reliability and laborious work ethic, she has enjoyed working with Miami’s very own Flo Rida as head designer, creating iconic pieces for his tour, events, TV appearances, and concerts.

Valeria Alvez’s love for profession is amazing in the sense that fashion is many things if not everything for her. Her warm indulgence in fashion is no doubt the great job. Her social sense and participant behavior are also great. She knows the chemistry of beauty and styling, she has the talent to be a brand leader and that we can see on the website she works for, “”.

Valeria Alvez grew up in New Jersey USA. Her story of life and her lines of struggle are interesting. At early stage of her life, she and her parent were not in a position to afford to keep up and buy any product of FUBU but that was her determinant struggle in the fashion designing that let her to the top of the industry and now the situation is, after 20 Years, she is the only Custom Female Designer who designs for FUBU. Really amazing are the achievements of Valeria Alvez in her profession and lifestyle. The best feature of her personality is that she remembers the hard days of her life and so she is willing to share her experiences and skills on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. She can be followed to learn the secrets of a successful life and career.

Valeria Alvez’s life history is the right path to success for the people who have enthusiasm for their profession and has the zeal to be publicly recognized like BodybyVal.  Her working style and her love for her career is the result of her realistic approach to life.

Valeria Alvez’s works in men wear as well as in the female line but the exclusive ethics of the brand has boosted her reputation and business to the top of the industry. To keep up with more information about Valeria Alvez’s and to look through her designs, follow her on Instagram (@bodybyval), or their website

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