Benjamin Boi (@benjaminboi_561)


People tend to think that a “rags to riches” story only exists in fairytales and children’s stories. However, with dedication, faith, and hard work, it is possible to turn over the leaf. This is the story of James Benjamin, who was born in a small city named Pahokee, Florida. However, he grew up in the unruly streets of Belle Glade. This area was known as “The Muck”, due to its high crime rate, drug abuse, and violence. James could have easily chosen this path for the rest of his life, but with belief that he had the potential to do more, he chose the path to a successful life and now is a rap artist, songwriter, producer, studio Engineer.

James Benjamin is an African Bahamian American Southern Rap Artist. His hometown is a small city with only a population of over 6,000. Belle Glade, the city where he was raised, has a population of over 19,000. Belle Glade or “The Muck” is known for its major sugar cane industry and talented football players. Soon, it will be famous for the emerging artist, Benjamin Boi.


In his adolescence, however, he was captured by the world of drugs, violence, and other types of crimes. He used to get into trouble with the law. He was imprisoned numerous times in his youth. Although he was recognized as a convicted felon, he poured his mind, body, and soul to graduate from Glade Central High School. Fortunately, his friends and family always had James’s back and he vowed to avoid street crime and live a crime-free life. He went on to study at Santa Fe College in Gainesville Florida and continued to be a supportive and caring, father figure for his children.

His dedication and will shows James’s persistence to work for things and causes he is committed to. After his studies, he devoted his focus on his musical career as a rap artist. He became skilled in the art of rapping but wished to round his career, so he went on to learn the process of producing beats, write catchy yet meaningful song lyrics, even went as far as to engineer a studio. After his hard work in the music industry, James is known as “Benjamin Boi”.

Growing up, he was greatly inspired by talented rappers, musicians and DJ’s from his state, Florida. He held artists such as 8Ball & MGJ, Scarface NWA, Trick Daddy, Poison clan, the Ghetto Boyz, Keith sweat, Gerald Levert, Isley Brothers, and his older cousin Andre (3000) Benjamin of Outkast in high regard. Combined with inspiration from the best and Benjamin Boi’s talent, he has established a successful career.

Benjamin released his 4th mixtape “Hearts of a Champion”. This mixtape is the perfect blend of hardcore rap and Rhythm and Blues (R&B). He released the mixtape in March 2014 under his former name “Boutit Boi”. Soon, he released his first solo LP album “Reflections” in March 2015. This album featured 16 songs, and they were classified under “Hip Hop/Rap”. This album had a lot of features from various artists including J. Dubbie, Toe Down, Sauce and Papa Duck, just to name a few artists. Moreover, he also released his second album in April 2017. This album was titled “BLUE FACE BENJAMINS” and also had songs of Hip Hop and Rap. This album featured 15 songs and also featured numerous artists to diversify the songs. The artists included Choo Choo and Rich Homie. Shortly after, on June 18, his LP album “Small City” was released.  This song also included rap songs and hip hop music. Next year, in June 2018, he dropped his LP album “Cinematic”. The genre was primarily focused on rap and hip hop. He also had “Brown Bad” featured on his song “Money Maker”.


Due to his talent and hard work, Benjamin Boi is steadily gaining fame and popularity. He also has over 1.2 million streams on Spotify and has fans from over 74 countries. He has been featured in many hip hop-centric online blogs such as The Hype Magazine, Chicago Bangerz, and graffiti on the wall.

He is very active on social media, he has a great fan following on various platforms of social media. One can follow him on Instagram (@benjaminboi_561),  on youtube ( and on Facebook (

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