Queer Appalachia (@queerappalachia)


The world is not uniform and that the people are not of the same nature. Diversity dwells everywhere and in all behavioral approaches. There is a difference in thoughts and exposure in everything and that is the beauty of this universe. This earth is a common property of all creatures and so is the right and responsibility to each other. No one has the privilege to be superior to others. Everyone in this world is free to do and to think of what he or she is willing to do or to think. The same is the situation to have an identity. This is a collective right and making a group, party, or genre is a fundamental right and needs to be respected. In this context “The Queer Community” is a fact and must be respected like other communities in the line. It is a trusted digital platform for queers around the world especially works for queers based in rural areas below the Mason Dixon line in the USA. It’s no more a shame to express oneself as a “Queer”. It has a factual existence and now has a spur and voice on social media and the Internet as “www.queerappalachia.com”.

On Instagram and Facebook, the active presence of Queer Appalachia connects and encourages millions of queers. More in this respect the digital community for queers successfully advocate the cause of queers, organizing seminars and workshops in a different place with string impacts.

The world is familiar with terminologies like Homosexuality, heterosexuality, bisexuality, polysexuality, kink community, polyamory, polyfidelity and with many more in this contexture. It’s a reflection of diversity in human beings on the basis of sexual orientation and so that is a fact. Same is the Queer Community and so needs not to be discriminated and derogated any more. Queers have a presence all around the world and they have a weighty number not ignorable. They are to be recognized, respected, weighted, considered and morally and legally accepted nationally and internationally. This is the stance of Queer Appalachia. This is the struggle and motto of the digital community of queers. Queer Appalachia provides the best platform for the unity, encouragement, and development of queers.

Queer Appalachia’s role for queers is exemplary and hoping. Its posts on social media platforms are the real reflection of the community’s activities and role. Queer Appalachia not only connects queers but also strongly advocates the cause of queers’ vigorously. Interesting is the slogan of Queer Appalachia, it describes itself in a very touching way in these words, “We often share pieces we do not agree with, we feel it gives us a tactical advantage in community discourse to be educated”.


Similarly about its product “the Electric Dirt” it exclaims “Electric Dirt seeks to celebrate queer voices from Appalachia and the South. Our desire to claim our own labels, re-imagine our childhood myths, share our own stories, and create a better, safer world for all manifests itself in-between art and activism. The art we share and show is political; the way we show up and resist in spite of all that seeks to invalidate or erase our existence is art”.


The Queer Appalachia is followed by 227K followers on Instagram (@queerappalachia). Nice is the Queerappalachia’s working passion and impressive is the result and impact. The project defines and defends its cause like it proclaims, The concept of Identity throughout Appalachia and the South is complex and nuanced. One person might identify as a hillbilly, while another person from the same community may be offended by that very label. We are all in the process of defining, refining, and reclaiming our identities. We welcome anyone to join us and get involved in this project. 





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