Brocke Stepteau (@bstepteau2 )


The world is filled with extraordinary talents in various fields and it is important to have aptitude in people as they will be able to choose their career according to their capability. Some people discover their talent almost instantly by indefatigable efforts and through which they make their own world. In the same way, some exceptional people are born with multifarious talent. They do not confine themselves merely to one passion as they are the tree of talents, and brilliance in their work. Thus, this article is related to such a stupendous and peculiar personality, Brocke Stepteau who is also known as bstepteau2. Brocke Stepteau is basically from the big island, Hawaii. At the age of 6, he moved to Dallas, but later on, he moved to New York. He studied from Jesuit College Preparatory in 2014 from Dallas, Texas.


Brocke Stepteau showed his love for basketball at an early age when he plays quite professionally. He begins his journey of a career as a basketball champion, and for giving the perfect direction to his career; he went to the University of Hawai’ at Manoa campus. Before it he was an unheralded athlete, and for opening the door to his dream of a well-known basket players, later then his commitment and dignity towards his passion proved to be his first door to his dream, and then his title changed from walk-on athlete to a scholarship player, and he grasped the opportunity of becoming team captain twice time of his team, Hawaii Warriors. He is a man of determination and commitment, he has struggled a lot and given his full energy in the field, as a result, he has won an NCAA Tournament. Later on, he keeps flourishing by winning a number of matches. 


During his college life, Brocke Stepteau first time ever get into the field of music and made freestyle music in his room by just listening to beats. He wrote and sang a song that he posted on music streaming website and got much applause and admiration from all around the world later than he was highly inspired with such acclamations, and began to write and sing songs in all genres with the collaboration of his crew, GMC to whom he gives credits for being in the field of music, and till now he has posted 16 tracks on his SoundCloud. Among 16 tracks, his song, Habits has been listened to by 442k music lovers till now.  Music lovers can go through this link or to obtain the contentment of his music.  Moreover, he has released two albums on music streaming apps, Apple Music and Spotify under the name of Step.  Along with that, he has recently received the title of a verified artist on Spotify, and his tremendous music was streamed in 13 different countries.

Brocke Stepteau is an ambidextrous and multi-talented personality. He has a huge fan following on social media. More than 5287 people are following him on Instagram. His fan following is increasing day by day because of his unique style and loving personality. He has proved himself in the music as well as in the Basket ball game.

Brocke Stepteau is a man who does not wait for an opportunity but creates his own. He always stands determined and courageous and does not let any pessimism or impediment to discourage him despite numerous ups and downs he achieved his ambitions. He is a rising star and a source of inspiration for many youths who believe in their dreams.

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