Antony Payne (@antonypaynethehuman)


Today we are talking about a recording artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist whose name is Antony Payne. He was born in Salem, Massachusetts. Unfortunately, Antony Payne did not always have a happy and functioning life, especially in his adolescence. However, he found a way to express his feelings in the form of music. He aspires to inspire: he produces music for the people who are going through troubled times and aims to make them happy again.

Antony Payne uses the art of combining different genres to create something completely unique and original. He has been known to mix genres such as rock and alternative styles with classical and pop. These only ones of its kind blends create a beautiful sound, which he pairs up with emotional and raw lyrics. His songs are closely linked with to troubles, sadness, and the seeking of help.

Antony Payne grew up in a household with alcohol problems. His father left early in Antony’s childhood, when Antony was only four years old, to move to England to evade a prison sentence. Antony filled the void by listening to music from the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and the ’90s. It can be said that his current music is very much influenced by music in these time periods. Unfortunately, when Antony was just a teenager he became a victim to addiction and had used to get in trouble with the law. Due to humble beginnings, Antony’s mother had paramount importance for education and consequently, Antony went on to study at Tufts and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, from which he dropped out to get help for his issues with drug and alcohol at a rehabilitation center in Florida. In between treatment, detoxifying, and psych wards, Antony found a safe space in composing music and playing guitar and piano.

After moving to Florida, Antony became interested in song-writing and used to write as much as three new songs a week. Soon, he became part of a band named “Dog Years” and used to perform regularly until the drummer passed away due to an overdose of drugs. After this, Antony was forced to become more self-sufficient and self-reliant. He went on to perfect his skills in production, mixing, singing. After the honing of these skills, Antony finished producing his first EPs titled Cherish and Shelter. Cherish was released to the public on 22 January 2016 and Shelter was also released in the year.

After the success of his EP’s Antony decided to focus his mind, body, and spirit on the making of a full debut album which is titled “Glory”. This album focuses on Antony Payne’s journey. Antony Payne is not afraid or hesitant to let his feelings and emotions to be the main features of his music. He aims to help people who went through the same things. Antony Payne is honest in his songwriting journey and creative in the music-making process. Aside from mixing together a range of genres, Antony also works with a variety of instruments to create the perfect beat for his music. He has used piano, guitar, bass, drums, organ, and other percussion instruments.

The debut album “Glory” was written with Antony Payne’s childhood and adolescence, and due to his addiction issues, it had a gloomy vibe. However, his second album “Tangerine Fantastic” completely changes the scenes. This album features a different, radiant kind of energy which is differentiated by his debut album. His latest album “Mumble Rock”, which was released in 2020, is based on the genre of Indie Pop. His album is beautifully constructed and once again, is written with pragmatism and passion.


As he is steadily gaining popularity, Antony’s music has been compared with all-time legends such as Kurt Cobain, Freddy Mercury, and Beck. The versatility of his music is attracting thousands of fans from all over the world. He has over 22,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and with his talent and hard work; the number is bound to increase. He has accumulated over 15,000 followers on Instagram, his fan following is increasing day by day. One can follow him on Instagram and on youtube


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