Nassir Sabri (@nassir.sabri)


Today we are talking about Nassir Sabri, a young and passionate traveler, who is being followed by a number of people on social media channels around the globe. He is very daring, adventurous and loves to explore the World.

Nassir Sabri was born on the 26th of April in the city of Nablus, he is currently a college student yet he is actively involved in many of the social activities along with maintaining the level of his education. He is an undergraduate at An-Najah National University, which is one of the largest Palestinian institutions of higher learning located in the city of Nablus.


He loves music and to travel around the globe. He believes in investing time in exploring the world. He belongs to one of the wealthiest families in the town and therefore he has been famously known by a huge group of people in his city and the vicinity.

Nassir Sabri started taking a deep interest in traveling when he was a kid and used to travel along with his parents. From age 16, he started to travel alone and soon he was capable enough to manage long routes traveling on his own as well. One of the richest yet quite humble and down to earth Nassir has always great respect towards his parents and he acknowledges the support and love he has got from his Dad that has made him confident enough to pursue his dream life.

Nassir Sabri is very socialite, loves to meet different personalities and explores the different cultures of the world. He has always tried to live according to the cultures of the places that he has visited. Not only visiting different places but tasting various cuisines is also one of the hobbies of Nassir Sabri.

Nassir Sabri is not only attracted to traveling but his deep interest in technological gadgets has helped him to capture his traveling events and other routine tasks. He is often seen to upload pictures and videos of the different places that he has traveled to. In spite of being a college student, Nassir Sabri has been to 60 countries up till now and he plans to continue visiting other countries in the future too. Since he loves diverse categories of music, hence he tries to attend musical concerts of the artist that he loves the most. Nassir Sabri not only captures the happenings of the concerts that he attends but also covers the behind the stage scenes and post on his social media platforms. Since he has been extensively followed by Instagram users hence his profile has been blocked multiple times. Despite facing many hurdles in maintaining his existence on the online social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, Sabri has never demotivated himself and his passion of becoming a social media star and his interest towards online social network has never faded but is still as strong as it was in the times that he joined the online social media platforms.

Nassir Sabri is a wonderful young man, who believes in the beauty of his dreams and he enjoys his life like a dream and travel to various places of the World. He is a rising star on social media whose fan following is increasing day by day because of his unique style and distinctive personality. 

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