John Rusev


A Cinematographer is a visual psychiatrist who inspires audiences making them think the way he wants by devising his unique and professional skills. Similarly, they are capable of translating the director’s vision into imagery by using supreme techniques to bring the best in life. It is a kind of art without which the incredibility of film/movie dwindles. Behind every super-hit movie and the best photography, the cinematographer is always responsible for that. As they use modern lenses and equipment for making such tremendous smashes. If we talk about such colossal and stupendous DOP/ cinematographer who has given vigorous efforts in flourishing the film industry and the level of photography a great name comes in our minds, i.e. John Rusev.

John Rusev is a DOP, businessman, and COO-ZHIR. He is also a CFO at Talent Tension Company. John Rusev is from Bulgaria, Sofia, but he has been to the UK and the USA as well for his projects.  He set off his career as a photographer with the after his acclaimed success with the flying colors in photography on Nov 19 he became the chief operating officer at ZHIR 2020 Ltd.

John Rusev is one of the shining-star and the fastest-growing cinema operator in Bulgaria who became famous when one of the videos got the title of the most-watched video in Bulgaria. Along with this tag of fame he also worked with a famous screenwriter, photographer, film director, and songwriter, Duran Duran in which he did multiples shoots in Haskovo, Bulgaria.

For John Rusev the passion of photography is full of expressions in which what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense, and his photography and cinematography always get much applause among people throughout the world. With such endeavors and greater determination level, John Rusev works as a D.O.P in the music video of a famous singer, Esil Duran which got more than 1.7k views.

Besides, cinematography John Rusev possesses a business mindset as he always thinks if you want to be successful, then you must have a business in your heart, and thus he has also a business relationship with Duran Duran, Talent Tension and Paramount Hotels and     Resorts. However, “Paramount pictures & Paramount Hotel and resorts” is his last project in which he worked passionately.


Since John Rusev owns the skill in marking strategy and for the reason he has provided the various platforms for extending his business associated with the cinematography, and thus if someone wants photography which is concerned to the beauty of life captured or business passionate who are eager to invest in the field of cinematography then John Rusev is the best choice for them. They may visit his website, or can email him on

As John Rusev’s photography is a result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused efforts. For the reason, he has a huge fan following on Instagram, and over 17.1k are following him there and getting easy access to his elegant photography. Not only that but he also has a Facebook account,  where he posts the pictures of ongoing projects or behind the scenes. Moreover, he has also a youtube channel, John Rusev which has more than 10.3k subscribers.

Thus, John Rusev is the depiction of a great leader who has the courage to fulfill his vision which comes from his passion as well as he allows his enthusiasm to become the part of his purpose, and for the reason, he holds high esteem throughout the world with many fans. He is a multi-talented personality he merely not only inspires people by his sophisticated photography but also by his skills of marketing strategy. He is an exhilarating illustration for a youngster who seeks a successful future in the field of photography.

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