Beau Brasseaux


Beau Brasseaux is a well-known TV and film actor, a trusted talent in stunts, coordinating producer and a successful film marketer from New York, USA. He is a talented artist equipped with diverse skills as an actor and a stunt man. He played repeatedly TV roles eight years ago as well as some small film parts. He worked as a double on multiple films for actor Mark Wahlberg from 2011 to 2012 which landed him on the cover of La Film Magazine, being known as Wahlbergs primary photo double onset of the feature film Broken City.


Brasseaux was athletic while growing up. He was involved in football, soccer, and basketball. He played Running back and linebacker for the football team. He graduated in 2009 while balancing film life and home school. He moved to Los Angeles in 2010 to pursue his acting career.

Brasseaux has walked for major runways as a model, he has attended the New York fashion week and Paris fashion week in both 2016 and 2017 as a sponsored model for Adidas. Brasseaux has represented several major brands which include Chrysler, GNC, Reebok, Adidas, Gucci, Balenciaga, and Coca-cola. He has also help produced many film projects that gained attention and awareness for the LGBT community. In the last few years, he has done marketing with films. The interesting aspect of the Beau Brasseaux lifestyle is his indulgence in his profession which resulted in success everywhere.


The impressive inspiration he gets from nature, in leisure he can be found absorbing energy from the flowing blue water, from the beautiful valleys and from the high spreader of mountains and hills. This is a reflection of his love for nature and natural beauties. One can perceive this feature in his lifestyle as well as in his choice of career. He knows the power of natural energies that infuse in the body and enrich the mind and heart. The active life and sensitive career of Beau Brasseaux are really instinctive for him. Beau Brasseaux’s life and vision can be clearly observed in his posts on social media platforms especially on twitter. The 31 years old Beau Brasseaux, is an example and symbol of perfect vision and talented character. His lifestyle is very pure, clear and exemplary.


Beau Brasseaux’s love for wildlife is just like his acting for the LGBT community. His concerns for animals are the sources for his naturalist approaches in action. That is the secret of his success in his career as a TV and Film actor and also that is an inspiration for his profession as a stuntman and film marketer.

The best description of his career as a stuntman is his enthusiasm for adventures. His career is a product of his nature and so that is instinctive for him which is no doubt great compatibility leading to confirm success. Beau Brasseaux’s personality is multicolor in the sense of his vision and lifestyle.

Beau Brasseaux is very realistic in his comments and usually says what he senses and what he wants to be discussed.  His comments on social media are the replications of his realistic approach to politics, games, plays, films, artists and in general. Besides his social activism, he is true to his career and his life. He cares about his body and skills because he knows the importance of a strong and athletic body and well-built stamina. That is also the need of his profession.

beau br...1

Beau Brasseaux’s personality and lifestyle are impressive. He has a great fan following on social media and it is increasing day by day because of his distinctive personality. He is a source of inspiration for many who wants to live a colorful and beautiful life. He used to share his adventurous and many other activities on social media platforms which are liked by many of his followers. One can follow him on his Instagram and Twitter.

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