Hill Carden (@hill_carden)

hilll g.asd.f.a.sd

Hill Carden is the young hot blood of the music industry and an impressive influencer from Princeton New Jersey currently based out of Los Angeles California, USA.

Hill Carden is a 23 years old professional in music, born on September 21, 1997. His career started when he was only 16 years of age, he got his first DJ board. He went from “djing” to producing beats. Once he met his music partner Donnie things took off and they found an instant connection while writing lyrics and making songs which led to the creation of their EDM group “day n night”.


This a short but interesting and leading story of success in the career of Hill Carden. This indicates the high working spirit of Hill Carden and reflects the coordination and collaboration nature of Hill Carden for joint ventures leading to achievements. Natural features for a born artist are quite evident in the lifestyle of Hill Carden. His personality fits the music as a serious entrepreneur in the field; his thoughts and vision are powerful, energetic and glowing like the rising sun which he loves.


Hill Carden’s love for blue water of ocean and rivers, his enthusiasm for sailing, his zeal for adventures and his passion for long travels are the indicators proving him a perfect soul for music. He is a born artist and the choice of EDM as his path is also a great sense of market orientation.

Hill Carden is well aware of the trending business in the music industry. His entry as a DJ and then his creation of EDM group “DAY N  NIGHT” is the output of his high vision and market knowledge. He knows that Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is the growing trend in music lovers. His appearance on the most popular music distribution like SoundCloud, Spotify, and others are the best traits of successes for him and his colleague. Electronic dance music, also known as dance music, club music, or simply dance, is a broad range of percussive electronic music genres made largely for nightclubs, and festivals. It covers the most relevant areas of influence and that is the secret of success behind the career of Hill Carden.

Hill Carden is a socialite and enjoys gracious gatherings of his fellows. He is in a real sense a social and public figure. He has captivated the hearts of many people with his wonderful music. He has 11.1K followers on his Instagram ID. His fan following is also increasing on social media platforms day by day.


Hill Carden’s lifestyle is the best inspiration for youths, willing to enter the amazing and productive music industry for a career. Enthusiasm for work and the team working spirit are the exclusive symbols of Hill Carden’s personality. No doubt, Hill Carden is on the way to high victory in his profession. His active presence on social media is a blessing for music entrepreneurs to get momentum and inspiration from the successful lifestyle and interesting career of Hill Carden.

Hill Carden is very much passionate about the Music. He expresses his deep feelings and emotions with music. He sings with heart and touches the hearts of peoples. One can have access to his music on SoundCloud (https://soundcloud.com/hill-carden).  If you want to meet him, you can follow him on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.


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