Erkan Musliu (@erkanmusliuofficial)


Erkan Musliu currently resides in Zurich. He is very passionate about music and aims to release catchy and fun tunes to the public. Erkan has been in the music industry for quite a long time, and with his experience and tenure, he has released a variety of music appealing to many different types of audiences. Erkan Musliu was born in Kumanovo, North Macedonia where he began his career from a young age dealing with music. From a young age, he found himself having a fiery passion for music. He continued his passion and drive into adulthood.

Erkan Musliu released his first album in 2000, titled “Ever Young in the Gurbet”. Following the success of his first release, Musliu was inspired to make further music and aspired to continue his journey in the industry of music.  In 2002, Erkan Musliu unveiled the album “Never”, which was also met with overwhelming praise. After his initial success, Erkan Musliu was motivated and driven to work further in this field. He continued to release more songs and hits to satisfy his wants. In 2011, Erkan Musliu performed “All Thunder Forgive”, a charming, exquisite and genuine ballad.  Erkan Musliu released his third album in 2012, which was cleverly titled “My Eyes”, to describe his viewpoint and experiences.  In 2014, Erkan went on to release his single “1 Million Dollar”, which was met with acclamation and praise. To add to his success, Erkan released another single titled “Tallava” in the same year. To add to this, Musliu released “Fale” in 2015. Fale was yet another single.  All his singles are available on Spotify.  Even though Musliu was born and raised in Switzerland, his fan base is in Germany as well. With that being said, Musliu’s music is enjoyed by people in Switzerland.

After producing so many songs and music, Erkan began to accumulate a large fan base. He currently has nearly 14,000 followers on Instagram.  He also has gained popularity on YouTube.  His channel on YouTube has over 4,000 subscribers and nearly 2,000,000 views in total on his videos.  His Instagram account features his photos, selfies, and a lot of performances on stage. Some of his videos have over 11,000 views. Erkan Musliu is known for his lively live performances. He has performed in many trendy, popular and famous discos and venues such as Grand Palace, La Roca, Duplex, Noar Club, Macumba, and Boleros, jus to list a few. Here he has been working with amazing success.

To add to this, Erkan Musliu has a very diverse range in his music. He covers music from soft pop to ballads. His songs give off more romantic and dreamy vibes. As for his song, “Cfar Dashnie”, (released in 2018) has a very catchy tune and can be classified under pop or EDM music. With his diverse range in music, he captures a lot of fans. Similarly, his song “Me e Mira” can be considered a party or a celebratory song. On another note, Erkan Musliu also has a few songs where he lets his dreamy voice steal the show. His song “Nuk Din Zemra” shows off his powerful vocals alongside a sweet tune. Most of his music is easy to listen to.

Due to Erkan’s hard work and dedication, it is only a matter of time before he takes the music industry by storm. It should not be overlooked that he has been working in the music industry for over 20 years. With his experience and familiarity, it is certain that he will continue to gain fame.

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