Alara Ceri is a beautiful and talented actress, fun full comedian and impressive public figure from Los Angeles USA. She is really the natural choice for comics. Her talent and sense of humor are instinctive and that is the long history of her success in short words. She is a Comedian in Los Angeles, people know her from her work as a Stand-up Comic at “The Laugh Factory, Comedy Store, and Flappers”. She also makes funny videos on IG and people follow her for that. She is an actress as well as a writer, she wrote a play “HOLLYWOOD Positive” that was popular in Los Angeles. She is an artist and mostly, a Stand-up Comedian now.

Alara Ceri is a great name with professional identity as @Hollywoodpositve. She is fair and caring, understands the values of relations, well aware of the strength of her career. She is well versed in artistic talents, knows the comic gestures, well equipped in actions. She has the ability to absorb the character and in simple words, she is the perfect artist.

Alara Ceri is a committed comedian and writer, her plays on the videos sharing platform YouTube are in true sense a masterwork. You can find the corner of your taste. Her comics fill plays in your body and for a moment you leave for her world of comedy, which is the magic of Alara Ceri’s character. That is because she indulges in her character and the comedy dips in reality.


She is very realistic in her approach to life and expects the people around to be true to her and to their own life and relations as well. She manages her life and career in the best way; she has the proper time for her own life, for her family, for religious and cultural activities, for friends, for her profession and also for the people following her Online.

She is an exemplary sincere fellow, knows the realities and mechanism of relations, she loves and wants to be loved in a true sense, she is benign to all creatures, friendly, cooperative and the most relevant feature of her personality is pure sharing tendency. She shares her videos and photos on Instagram that is liked by thousands of her followers. She has also a youtube channel, where she post her videos. The Hollywood Positive, The secret to a happy relationship, Turkish Teyze in LA, How to pass a job interview, The Headshot Truck, How to deal with Harvey Weinstein, How to ruin a relationship, Uber’s Gone Wild and many more plays are for you to enjoy and learn on the youtube channel. She has 4.95K followers on her Youtube Channel and 58.9K followers on Instagram. Because of her amazing comic sense and funny videos on social media, she has captivated the hearts of many followers. Her fan following is increasing day by day. Alara Ceri’s personality is an open book, find and read it on social media or, you can learn many things really needed for your successful and joyful lifestyle.


Alara Ceri’s realism is very clear and factual like her commitments to her life and career. She is very confident, daring and a great source of inspiration for many other young girls who are pursuing their careers in comics. Her way and approach of doing the comedy are liked and loved by thousands of his followers. One can meet her and follow her on social media and can get many tips and guidelines for a happy and contented life.

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