Benjamin Cure


Benjamin Cure is a young talented and provocative broadcaster, stunning actor, impressive sports commentator, public influencer and the award’s winner.

He is on a great mission to be an icon of the entertainment industry especially broadcasting, he has many achievements at a very early age (16 years) are the exclusive realities with Benjamin Cure’s lifestyle.


Benjamin Cure worked with the Miami Heat, the Super Bowl Committee, the Miami Marlins, Fox Sports and ESPN’s Sports Centre. He has also won many national awards including 2NATAS Suncoast Emmys, 1NATAS National Emmy and the High School National Championship for student journalist “Crazy 8”.

As a growing talent in acting, Benjamin Cure has a basic share in the plays like “Beauty and Beast”. Most recently, he had the honor of working alongside the Miami Heat’s broadcasting team as play-by-play sportscasters, where he interviewed Heat Centre, Hassan Whiteside. He has also interviewed former Yankee Alex Rodriguez and Soccer Star David Beckham. Benjamin Cure is a regular commentator at local sports games around town and for his school. He is liked and loved by many peoples because of his wonderful and unique style.

Benjamin’s life is not an empty bowl; his heart is filled with love and respect. His respects for elders, parents, friends, fellows, colleagues and fans and followers are of great esteem. His social media posts and sharing’ are the clear indications of his humanitarian nature.

Benjamin is eager to be among the great people. He describes his motto in the words “My dreams are to become a sports broadcaster and tell stories about amazing yet everyday people. By becoming verified, I’ll continue to act as a positive role model for people young and old”.


Benjamin’s love and indulgence in his profession is the secret of his success. The marvelous personality of Benjamin Cure is motivational and a symbol of zealous work passion. He can be seen full time busy to work, to think, to plan and to promote his stamina, capabilities, and PR in support of his career and lifestyle.

Benjamin Cure’s work with CCNN and others evidently certifies his talent.  The reason behind his success is due to his sincerity and purity in work. He is energetic, wholehearted and enthusiastic for his career.


Awards in hands and medals in the neck are so thrilling moments of the life. But the joy you can feel it, looking into the posts of Benjamin on social media having awards in hands.

Benjamin is the glowing star and has an active presence on the professional stage as well as on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. He has captivated the hearts of many peoples, his fan following is also increasing day by day.

His personality is an example to love the profession you have chosen, and his lifestyle teaches a lesson to choose your profession which you love. That is the key to success like Benjamin. This is the way to love and be loved. The colorful lifestyle of Benjamin Cure is truly not only a great success for him but also a motivation and inspiration for the young generation.


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