Briana (@briinic )


Briana is a renowned fitness and fashion model, successfully running a recognized and first choice modeling agency in the USA.  She has maintained her active and explicit presence on social media platforms like Instagram (@briinic), Twitter ( and on many more. She can also be met on her own website ( ) and “”.

She is a fulltime fitness and fashioned girl sincere and talented model. Her motto is very interesting worded as “Your career as a model starts here”. Professionalism is her passion and her dream is to be fit and to make other fits for the challenges of life. Briana’s approach to challenges and her perception is really interesting and realistic. She believes and describes in such a manner, “I need you to get excited again. I need you to remember you are not in this thing alone. I’m working on your challenges; I’ve already assigned angels to you. So let go of the stress & just trust Me; I’ve got a pretty incredible ending in store. In fact, that’s why you need to get excited again…because the happy ending I’ve got coming, is going to rock your world”. She is a girl of faith and determination and that the secret of success in her lifestyle and her career. She is beautiful, no doubt but she is a very intelligent and talented girl too. She knows the technicalities of her profession. She is rich in the capacities to be happy and to make other people happy, to love selflessly and to be loved warmly. She truly enjoys life as everything needed for a happy and contented life is in her hands.

Briana’s fitness is incredible, her sensitivity for fitness is impressive and her sharing habits are encouraging. In a real sense, she is caring, her heart is as beautiful as her complexion. She is a practical and vivid sample and example of fitness and fashion. That’s why her career is the natural selection for her and that is highly compatible with her thoughts and vision.

Briana’s lifestyle is factually gorgeous and socialite. She is fair and pure in her dealings. She is open-hearted and willing to share each and every moment of her life with full confidence. Her posts on social media networks and also on her own site explicitly indicate her greatness, fitness, and PR. In this sense, she is the recognized public figure and influencer. She has a great fan following on various platforms of social media.

Briana is well aware of the trend in fashion and fitness. She understands the values of beauty and signatures of personalities. Her lifestyle and her services are of great importance for the girls in the industry as well as for the personalities who know the realities of fitness and fashion. She offers and presents her expertise in the field she had achieved after a hard and unbreakable struggle.


Briana’s life is an open book and her career is a trusted brand in fitness and fashion. She really deserves to be followed and to be consulted for looking gorgeous, impressive attractive, lovely and fresh all the time. She gets inspiration for fitness, fashion, and freshness from nature. She knows the hidden powers of nature and of its beauties. Nature provides the energy to be fit and to be fresh, active and willing. She likes to absorb the natural energies for her stunning and elegant personality.

Fashion and fitness are the true identities of Briana’s lifestyle but if you are sensitive about your life and want to be successful like her, you can follow her on various platforms of social media.

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