Thottie Jay (@t_hottiejay)


The music industry is one of the emerging industries for a long time. It is a multifaceted industry which collectively dictates the dynamics of it on a global scale. Similarly, technology is actively changing the taste of music in different genres at an excessive level by emerging various streaming services where people can have easy access and advanced technological instruments.  Similarly, Hip-hop is also one of the genres of music that has wide-spread popularity in the world which incorporating influential art forms of rhythmic melody. On the other hand, optimist musicians and singers are responsible for it where they spend restless day and night to provide great pleasure to music lovers. They are greatly taking part in thriving the music industry to the greatest extent. In this article, we will talk about one of that passionate and energetic singer and rapper, Thottie Jay.

Thottie Jay is a rapper from Memphis, TN, but currently, he lives in the city of Texas, Dallas. He put his shoulder over to the wheel in the music industry from his native city, but later he shifted to spread the fragrance of music in Dallas from where he got much more love from the music lovers.

Thottie Jay began to start music in 2018, and with the collaboration of many local producers and engineers, he flourished his skills in rapping, and then in 2019, he released his out-class song, “Thot Thot” that got much love and applause that it is started to play all over in Dallas. Later in mid of 2019, he once again released a tremendous song, 7-Eleven, which explodes into prominence popularity than his previous one. That also got an affluent place in the heart of music lovers through many clubs in mid-south started to play this song as well. Besides it, Thottie Jay is going to release his solo song, “Theivin” that will produce thrill in the heart of music’s aficionado on March 6, 2020, under an American multinational video hosting service, Vevo. Furthermore, he also did a thrilling concert on 31st December night in Dallas for welcoming New Year, 2020.


After his glorious success with the flying colors, Thottie began to be featured in an American multinational corporation and manufacturer retailer non-alcoholic beverages, The Coca-Cola.

Thottie Jay is also eager to promote the young music passionately, and for the reason, he uplifted and supported a young talent, and an American singer, Taymoney with whom he also did a concert in Peart St. Dallas.

With a great level of passion and determination for music, Thottie Jay provides easy access to his fans and thus his music is available on an international media streaming app, Spotify. Along with that, his fans can also get access to his song on, they can have also access to Moreover, for acquiring the pleasure of his music one can find his videos on

Thottie Jay has a huge fan following on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. About 9177 peoples are following him on Instagram; similarly, on his Facebook page, Thottie Jay keeps updating to his fans as well as he promotes and motivates young talent who are passionate for music. In the same way, Thottie Jay has also a youtube channel where his music videos are available.

Thus, Thottie Jay’s is a committed and true fervent to his music career and gave exhilarated performances, and thus he gets multitudinous admirations among the public throughout the world. He is an exceptional and overwhelming kind of artist, he always insists on his fans to standout in this world as if you want to be victorious. He is an inspirational personality for the youngsters, and for the reason he always supports them. As he says, “if you become a star the light will hit different”.

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