Serenity Brows (@sskingbrowstudio)


Eyes are commonly and truly believed as the door to the heart for searching, getting, absorbing, showering and achieving love. If the entrance is attractive, effective, impressive, acceptable, gorgeous and lovely the dedication and feedback will be no doubt magic, fruitful and everlasting. What is here for mankind; not needed to be explained, as the reality is clear that to love and be loved is everything and enough to live happy, healthy, useful and contented in this mortal world.

Serenity Brows Organic Studio provides a variety of services in Facials, Cosmetic Permanent Makeup, Body and Specials, and Wax Services. Serenity Brows Organic Studio is in the real sense a Philanthropist organization serving humanity in the lines of beauty and love.

2222The logic behind the studio and its services is, what it describes in these words “Your skin is a direct reflection of your lifestyle. Together we can discuss how to balance effective skincare routines and treatments. Each client receives personalized short- and long-term skincare goals to take the philosophies and products of Organic Serenity home”. Similarly, the studio expresses its passion in a very friendly and loving manner such as “Organic Serenity is all about you! Come for the glowing skin and return for the replenished feeling in mind and body”. The studio also promises purity and complete solution for your soft, loving and attractive gorgeous skin in the words “From handmade organic skincare to locally made aromatherapy tea, and essential oils to eat, your sure to find what you’re looking, for to take care of you and those you love”.

Serenity Brows Organic Studio is all concerned about the beauty cares of its customers, presented on appointment. Once you enter the studio you will find a visible change in your complexion before you leave it. It’s not the wordy slogan but a reality. All of its customers authenticate its certainty which you can witness on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Here comments of the customers are quoted that “I got my eyebrows done with her about 4 months ago and they look amazing. I’m in love with them because I don’t have to worry about getting up in the morning without any eyebrows problems, it has saved me time and money because I don’t have to be buying eyebrows pencil every time I run out, I’ve also got my eyelash lift and an organic facial which I loved because I have sensitive skin and I can’t just use any product and her products went well with my skin! I’m definitely getting a facial every month”. Many customers feel satisfied and pay thanks to various platforms of social media for Serenity Brows Organic Studio.


The owner, esthetician and tattoo artist of Serenity Brows Organic studio, Alexandra Genario started her journey in the beauty industry in Colombia. Alexandra is a professionally trained artist, works with natural organic skincare and permanent makeup. She has vast experience in this field. She loves to learn and explore more opportunities in the skincare industry and it had motivated to her on working with organic procedures and products.

Serenity brows is a trusted name in organic treatment, 100% vegan, paraben-free, not toxic, plant-based and green esthetician. The specialty of Serenity Brows Organic Studio is its naturalist, pure and personified approach to its customers, you can get your facial, eyebrows, and eyelashes organic treatment according to your taste supplemented by meaningful and useful evergreen suggestions. So you can visit on Serenity Brows Organic studio after confirming an appointment on More fantastic it would be if you stay in touch with your beauty caretaker Serenity Brows Organic studio on social media platforms.

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