Joseph Steven SG (@_kadavi)


Being born in the year of 1994, Joseph Steven SG also known as KADAVI is a musician by his passion as well as profession, who belongs to the beautiful city of Pereira from Colombia. He is famous as an Urban and Latin Pop Music Artist.

Since his early childhood, Kadavi was keenly interested in musical instruments and various sorts of music categories. Amongst his prior interests was musical extemporization, one of musical creative activity of composing music immediately with a combination of various instrumental techniques and emotions. Musical extemporization is also known as music improvisation is basically a spur-of-the-moment response to the music created by other musicians. One of the most exclusively used musical instruments by the keen musician Joseph Steven SG includes percussion (includes the entire family of drums and the idiophones made of wood, metal or bones such as bells, gongs, triangles, marimbas, and woodblocks).

The turning point in Kadavi’s life started to happen in the year of 2011 when he attempted to record his first-ever song officially. The first song by Kadavi was recorded in Barcelona, Spain. Since it was his first song, therefore, it was not recorded formally with all the professional techniques. But Kadavi’s first song happened to be really luckily and surprisingly with his talent, Kadavi was successfully able to win the hearts of the listeners of his very first song. Since Kadavi was a new lad in the music industry, he managed to grab the attention of considerable listeners and audience for his first song through the help of using various social media networking sites and some of the radio channels. Kadavi says “The promotion done for my first song was the hardest task I have ever performed in my life”. In spite of all the struggles and hardships that Kadavi faced in composing, recording and promoting his first song, the charm of the success that he enjoyed in later days was so deeply charming that he decided to pursue his career in the entrancing musical industry.

Kadavi has a firm belief in his musical skills that he has dedicated his passion to make it as his profession so that he can occupy a considerable position in the music industry. Kadavi has been lately working with famous international artists in a shared platform with having around 10,000 people.

mandalo a volar

The famous artist that Kadavi has been working with includes some of the big names of the music industry such as “J Balvin”, “Los Traviesos” and “Junior Jein”. Joseph Steven SG is recently working as a producer with the SEGBI Company in the city of Medellin. The latest hit song produced by Kadavi is named “Mandalo a Volar” that has been successfully released by the most famously known Spanish Latin dance label “The Roster Music” and it has been widely distributed by Universal Music Spain in the physical format. This hit song has also been distributed at the biggest stores of Spain by the “Miambiza Hits 2015”.

Kadavi has a wonderful contribution to the music industry. He has captivated the hearts of many music lovers across the Globe. One can find his various albums on Spotify, the link is given here;


Joseph Steven SG (Kadavi) is a real-life example of passion turned as a professional which is also successful. Kadavi has always been following great music artists from a very early age. Kadavi has put all his efforts and dedication to become one of the artists that he always admired and well regarded throughout his professional career. Some of the artist that Kadavi admires the most includes the most famously and worldwide known artist such as Eminem, Daddy Yankee, Orishas, Calle 13, J King Maximan and Trey Songs. He has been luckily working with one of his favorite artists J Balvin as well.

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