Maria Breese-McLain (@mariabreese)


Maria Breese Mclain is a beautiful, talented Film/TV actress, gorgeous model, and elegant producer. She is the well-known name of modeling form Los Angles, acted in successful shows such as “Shameless”, New Girls, All Wrong and Dark/Web on the popular distribution channel Amazon. She has modeled for large brands like NYDJ, Hulu, Ford Motors, Uniqlo, Groupon, Ok Cupid, Radio Flyer, NutriBullet Baby and many more.

Maria Breese is really a complexion of beauty, she is 30 years old 5 feet and 7 inches tall white skin color, long brown hairs, and her eyes are blue. No doubt she is the precious gift of the creator and the best natural selection for modeling and acting. She has a great fan following on social media, on Instagram she is followed by 26.4K followers. Maria’s lifestyle is colorful and shiny. She used to share her updates on Instagram ID.


Maria Breese’s lifestyle is unique and high valued. She was born in Washington DC on August 3. Her birth name is Maria Breeskin, she nourished and grown up in a very artistic family, she is a daughter of a theatre professor and musician so that was natural and instinctive for her to be born actress. The greatness lies in her good adaptation of skills that lead her to the top of modeling. In addition, her expertise in producing is its corporate beneficiary.  She has won name, fame, and money in abundance in her field. She has received a number of competitive national awards in diverse genres of her profession. She has work experience in famous companies like Chris Collins Senior’s Dance Company “Grandeur of the Seas and the Ritz Carlton”.

Maria Breese is well educated in the art of dancing and modeling, she has studied acting in BADA (British American Drama Academy) Oxford University. She is also graduated in Theatre and Minor Dance from the University of Tampa. The most relevant is her current dwelling in Los Angles where her skills and abilities multiply her fame and career’s output.

Maria Breese’s lifestyle is really inspiring and her talent is also appreciable. She knows the technicalities of artistic jobs; her complexion is very suitable for an impression to be created and be presented in its natural tune. Every character fits her personality and that indulges in reality with her skills, abilities, and capabilities in the amalgamation. But the interesting feature of her personality is her soft and loving heart. She is all-inclusive of natural beauties. It’s true that she is absorbed in nature or nature is absorbed in her character.

Maria understands the meaning of life and the essence of pleasure. Her love and adorations for the family are amazing in actuality. She is not only a successful actress but she is also the precious asset of pleasure and comfort for her family. She knows the ways to be happy and to make others happier.

maria famil

Not only her family is the beneficiary of her good nature and of a jubilant company but also friends and colleagues are also feel happy with her. She is a socialite and likes to share her joys with her fellows open-heartedly.

She loves swimming in a very adventurous manner which reflects her bravery, strength, and stamina. And that seems the secret of her best health and fitness.

It’s very fair to conclude that the lifestyle of Maria Breese is really interesting. She is truly able to be followed and rightly be loved. Her success is behind God’s gifted beauty and her crafted talent. She is in a real sense a philanthropist and impressive influencer. Her sharings on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others are valuable assets to get inspiration for sincerity, purity, innocence and to achieve success in a career as well as to acquire growth in lifestyle.