Nojahlink is a trusted name in sneaks and high fashion reselling business. Nojahlink is a fashion lover, self entrepreneur, and successful businessman. He got inspirations from the first dealing of American Fashion designer, rapper, songwriter, record producer and entrepreneur, Kanye Omari West with the multinational corporation Adidas. Nojahlink started his business at the age of 16, while he in school was feeling something like boring so the business was leisure having thrill for him.

Nojahlink’s nature as a restless soul tried self entrepreneur under the “relentless perseverance” but with great fervor. He believes that if one does not give up the struggle, the triumph will be the destiny. It’s a universal truth that continuous struggle leads to success but your energy usage is correct and perfect direction makes the struggle easy and more productive and that you can explore and find in the life of Nojahlink with sound perfection.

Nojahlink’s passion for spreading and widening his business represents his deep study and motives in his mind which is the power for a successful trade. His dealings from high-end fashion items to the common households are the product of his business motto.

The great spirit of sharing, helping and supporting the needy is real fun and an object of satisfaction and consolation for Nojahlink. Following the dictum, Nojahlink always opens arms to help the needy people around him as well as around the world. He donates a definite portion of his earnings to non-profit charity organizations such as the, the World Wildlife Fund, and UNICEF. An interesting aspect of his charity is that his donations are for universal crises to be eradicated. At the time, millions of people are not in access to safe water which leads to a number of diseases around the world, Nojahlink share in the hands of is a part of 129 partners who helps the deprived people. This act of humanitarian spirit reveals Nojahlink’s adoration for the world that is so generous and these acts will be counted forever. At the same time, Nojahlink’s donations for World Wildlife Fund reflect his love for nature and for plants, trees, and animals. He loves to protect natural habitat. This perception is also the great trait one can find in the spirit of Nojahlink. In this line, Nojahlink’s support for UNICEF which works in more than 190 countries and territories to save children’s lives, to defend their rights and help them to fulfill their potential is also extraordinary. Nojahlink’s choice to help children is really a grand job. Nojahlink’s love and affection for children are evident here glamorously.

The most important feature of Nojahlink’s generosity is his sharing habit, he always welcomes the entrepreneurs and the newcomers in the career he has chosen for him. He seems willing to share the knowledge and experience which he has gained in his field of business, to others in the line of selling and reselling.


Nojahlink has a great fan following on his Instagram account that stands 16.6K followers. His creative and unique style is liked and loved by many peoples. Nojahlink is a source of inspiration for many entrepreneurs.

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