Susi Susanti / Ochill Shanshan (@o_o.shn__)


Susi Susanti commonly known by her professional name Ochill Shanshan is living in the capital city of Indonesia Jakarta. She is selebgram and her husband is a famous gamer in mobile legends. They have the expertise as Videos Creators, Ads Marketer on Instagram, and work like Developer with a slogan “Game Enthusiasts”.

The warm relation of Susi Susanti seems aware of the cry of the day and business trends embodied in thrill and fantasies. She is very active on social media. She has a great fan following on Instagram and youtube. She has more than 6K followers on her Instagram account.


Ochill Shanshan loves nature and she is willing to share her emotions honestly. While posting on Instagram she cares about her style and projects her insight. One can find her, lost in the beauties of nature, staring at beautiful sceneries like mountains, valleys, and forests.


Susi is also fond of shooting that reflects her lively and multidirectional personality and high lifestyle. In one of her posts, she practices shooting.

Her portrayal of thoughts is very meaningful, she shared few beautiful lines that “In the Land, we have seen behind shut eyes, one of the bright shores caressed by the tide, where there’s no pain, no fear, no fury, no lies, there we shall stand tall, our hearts full of pride, if your dreams are bold and by no man bound, if your soul is strong, unlike any other, able to build walls or tear to the ground, then yours is World, my fellow Brother.”

Susi loves flowers as a symbol of beauty like her. It seems difficult to rate her face and the white flower in her finger adjacent. She is really beautiful, young, lively and gorgeous in her complexion and exposure. Susi describes it as “if leaving is an option, I left it to go even though, I can’t.  Because the essence of love is to feel happy not look happy”. Susi, who knows the essence of a happy life. The imagination and murmuring with a flower are amazing. Susi’s intellectual approach to success is also unique.


She says “failure is only the opportunity to begin again this time more intelligently”.  So it is very fair to say that Susi knows the key to success.

Susi Susanti has a beautiful baby with whom she spends most of her time. As one can see her cute smile is very fascinating and attractive. Susi’s life is full of love, compassion and continuous struggle with her beloved husband and lovely baby.

She collaborates with her husband in his business that replicates their same approaches to lifestyle. Both of them have the expertise as mobile gamers and have keen interests in the promotion of their gaming business and they are successful. The secret of their success in the games lays in their adoration to each other and their positive and realistic approaches towards life. Susi Susanti, her husband and their baby is an ideal family dwelling in Jakarta having shares on social media as Mobile gamers and Developers.

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