Angelo Bonilla (@angelobonillaofficial)


As we all know that today it is the peak of globalization and that is all because of the rise of electronic media. From various aspects of electronic media video making and editing is the major segment of it because of the reason that the visual content is the most attention-grabbing. Video editors are the persons who are totally responsible for alteration, improvement & assembling the recorded raw material into purpose able and suitable final result to broadcast accordingly. The video content possesses a great influence on the audience and therefore one has to be enough skilled to create attractive content. Angelo Bonilla is one such amazing video content creator for bikes who is not only passionate about video making but he is also an experienced influencer on some of the famous social media networking sites for quite a long time.


Angelo Bonilla is deeply passionate about biking due to which he has pursued his career affiliating to the motorcycles. His main work relates to making videos about motorcycles and biking. The young biker belongs to Spain where he buys various sorts of motorcycles and tries to explore its features as much as his efforts let him. Angelo Bonilla then creates videos about the motor cycle’s features and his personal experience. He often seems to be active on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

The video content made by Angelo Bonilla is considerably liked by a huge number of social media users. He has thousands of fans and followers at this young age. Bonilla calls himself a motorcycle lover. Most of his videos show his profound interest in bikes and their features.

Video editing is not as easy as we see in the filtered movies, in its backend there is a lot of efforts and hardships in each project that a video editor has made. Angelo Bonilla does not only create various videos but also edit these videos with updated effects to make these video informative and enjoyable at the same time. Well, as hard this profession seems, its charm is also equally unique and very different particularly when it involves the social media. The zealous superbike motorcyclist Angelo Bonilla also provide reviews about the newly launched motorcycles in order to provide more professional advice to his fans and followers. Since he has joined social media channels to pursue his dream, Angelo has put his entire dedication towards content creation. He believes that social media channels can be the best mediums to reach out to as many people as he wants. With the help of his reviews, many of his followers have purchased various bikes that suit their demands quite well.

Angelo Bonilla was born on 14th September 1998. He is a professional biker who has achieved a considerable reputation in his career at a very young age. He has wholeheartedly dedicated his life and his precious time in creating video content for the bikers and publish them on the social media channels that he owns. He also manages his official YouTube channel named as “Angelo Bonilla Official”. Bonilla has created more than 18 videos in the last few years that have all gone viral and became astoundingly famous on social media. His love for bikes can be well predicted through his words about the bike. While talking about bikes Angelo Bonilla says, “Definitely the bike is the best antidepressant of a man, very few crazy will understand”.

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