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“Portraits, Scenes, Animals, Landscapes, Compositions, give us your idea and we will make it happen” is the expertise of Ganga and the company. Ganga shop works in great perfection with all its glamour using highly sophisticated techniques durable splendid true colors and designs in actual reality.

Ganga’s slogan is “Learn to tattoo as a team, surrounded by our artists and with professional material from day one”. Really the work of Ganga Shop is speaking. The tattoos craved and drawn by the experts of the company are now fashion trends all over the world. Ganga Tattoo Studio is the first choice of celebrities and athletes for tattoos and piercing. The name and logo are registered and so have no replication.


The art of tattoos is really amazing in its impacts as well as in its content. The designs, the message, the logo, portraits, colors,  place, and appearance are the important elements of the art but the artistic expertise is the perfection that makes them speak. And this the exclusive feature one can get in the Ganga Tattoo Studio.


Ganga Tattoo Studio from España El Palmar, Murcia, Spain is an all-time friendly in the art of tattoos. The studio is loved and the work of the company is liked by millions of people around the world. One can easily find the Ganga Studio on all social media platforms as well on Google and if you are living alongside it is not a hidden place at Calle Olivo, N53, 30120 Murcia, Spain.

The colored tattoos are very attractive and amazing designs and live portraits of animals, birds and even sculptures are the exclusive works of Ganga Tattoo Studio.

The teamwork of the studio makes it more perfect combining the experiences of members. This pattern and excellent talent is the unique attribute of Ganga Tattoos. Quality is the identity of the Studio and works are the choice of customer that is the motto of Ganga as he describes “Nourish your technique with the tips and tricks of artists like Ganga, Honart, or Toni García. Highly recommended for those who want to introduce or debug the realistic style”. A team of Ganga, Honart and Toni García are experts in tattoos and piercing, working in Portraits, Scenes, Animals, Landscapes and in Compositions.


Ganga Tattoo Studio deals in Realism, Micro realism, Neo-traditional, Fine line, and Hand pokes. The art expertise and delicate job are the great dedication of the Studio.


The Ganga also dedicates piercing which is the most attractive feature with modern trends and traditional touch around the world. The ears, nose, nipples, labia’s and other body parts are home for piercing for the purposes of ornamentations. The growing trend is very interesting and market-oriented. The skills and creativity in the art attract consumers and their satisfaction multiplies the sale. All services are available under the same and one roof with all its perfections and excellencies.

It is very motivating if one enters into the world of Ganga Tattoo and piercing studio and explores and avail the services it offers. Every job catches full and exclusive attention and proper homework and counseling before the works are started. In an ideal hygienic atmosphere with fully sterilized devices and machines, perfect work with tattoos and piercing is the specialty of Ganga Tattoos and piercing Studio.

Here sharing a few snapshots of Tattoos taken from







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