Bryan Raphael (@IAmSmooth_)


Today we are talking about a versatile, brilliant and exceptional basketball player with a military background from New Rochelle, New York, the United States whose name is Bryan Raphael also known as IAmSmooth.


Bryan Raphael (IAmSmooth) studied at Mount Vernon High School, New Rochelle High School up to 2011 and also studied Criminal Justice at Tompkins Cortland Community College in 2014. He has a military background but his fame is his play where he also went viral a few times with ex “vivala diamond” was a “relationship goals” couple, check WSHH wedding in a club. His lifestyle is quite colorful with a diversity of skills is his basketball game. He guides people as a life coach to help them for their bright career.

His career is his identity but his love for raps, pops and hip hop genre is also amazing. Much more can be explored about the secrets of success in the life of IAmSmooth while investigating the social media accounts linked with IAmSmooth. One can meet an exclusive player not only expert in basketball but also a successful contestant of many fields of life in the name of IAmSmooth.16864338_10212495794015690_2514672829591787867_n

He lives a happy married life. His communal sense and care for family is amazing. He likes to be with family members and friends to enjoy life. This shows that he knows the secret of pleasure. It also proves that he is a very responsible person and he rightly meets his household tasks. He also loves to spend his time with kids.

He has a great sense of social life and that is why he never misses a friendly party in his reach. Surrounding by friends enjoying life events is not only a blessing for him but that is also a lucking presence for his friends. He loves to go to parties and he likes social events and gatherings.

Bryan Raphael is living a live life full of fun and energy. He is not a solo man and so that you may find him always in gathering either it is the playground or public life stage. This is the best way to collect happiness and energy for life. This quality of sharing pleasures has inculcated selfless love in the lifestyle of IAmSmooth. Bryan Raphael’s love for nature and natural beauties is also an exclusive feature of his personality.


Bryan Raphael as a professional player has glamorously maintained his body and muscular strength. He has an athletic body covered with beautiful and meaningful tattoos. Regular game practice and full exercise is the power behind his strength and stamina. His love for tattoos is a reflection of his strong emotions for life and friends.

Bryan Raphael’s loyalty, bravery, and skills are evident in his personality. His lifestyle is the best lesson for the young generation. It teaches how to perform a diverse and colorful role in your life. It is also an example to get pleasure in a field you belong to.

Bryan Raphael is a wonderful player of a Basketball game. He is a source of motivation and inspiration for the Youth. His personality and playing style attract many peoples and his way of playing increases the exhilaration in the Game.

Bryan Raphael is willing to share every event of his life with friends and with the users of social media around the world so one can find him on all social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He has a great fan following on social media because of his unique lifestyle and attractive personality.


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