Augustus Cryns (@acryns)


Music is not just entertainment, but it is an important and deep-down part of everyone’s life even it is a medicine for both the brain and the body. It is also one of the greatest pleasures of life that makes a strong emotional response, and it has an incredible power to command our attention and inspire us. For creating such a heartfelt and soulful domain with having an excessive level of commitment a great number of fervid and impassioned music artists spend long days and nights in the studio to record inspirational music composition, and with the advanced usage of technology giving innovative flavor in different genres of music.

Similarly, this article is related to such a vehement and ardent music producer, songwriter and singer from Richmond, US California, Augustus Cryns who lives in North Hollywood nowadays. Augustus Cryns is also known as Acryns (Beast). Acryns did his schooling from Richmond- Burton high school, and then he went to the private college of California for flourishing his musical skills, The Los Angeles Recording School.

Augustus set off his music career by mastering the thousand of music with the technological music involvement along with his favorite ESP Ever Tune guitar. Similarly, he has written more than 6k songs for different artists. Moreover, he officially started playing drum for a famous band, A Smile From the Trenches, later he worked as a guitarist and backing vocalist for an American metal-core super-group of Phoenix, the Dead Rabbits where he worked for two years. In the same way, he produced a song for the Skin Cancer Foundation in which he featured a celebrity, Tanner Jimmy CoCo.

With the intention of creating a musical atmosphere, Acryn established his own music band, Hollyfield. For which he also received an award in Las Vegas Film Festival along with his hitmakers Cody Hahn and Matthew Jensen for producing enormous music.

Since Augustus Cryns has been working unstoppably with many acclaimed music artists and bands for the reason he also received many wall ornaments. More than that he has also given many live performances with famous bands like Rahk, Madlife, the Dead Rabbits and so on as well as he also gave a live performance in Tokyo with his guitarist brother, Patrick Kennison. On the other hand, his live performances in Ultimate Jam Nights’ 3rd-anniversary show and with Nicky Waggoner are the greatest moment of his life.

His lots of musical works are done with his favorite bands, Avenged Sevenfold and Xo Stereo band, and it is worthy to note that Acryns put his dignitary efforts to uplift Xo Stereo which began to get worldwide record contracts. He works ceaselessly day and night at the studio for recording dynamic music records. Even He recorded a song which released on the same day of his recording.

Along with others triumphs, Acryns has achieved another feather in his cap that his leading light video and music production with Jacob Wilson in his “Writing on the Walls” which got much applause among people throughout the world. It gained rapid views, and 10k people watched that video within one week, and till now more than 37k people have watched it.

In addition, Acryns also stay connected with his fans and friends through Facebook and Instagram. More than 2k followers are following him on Instagram, and in the same way, he has more than 2k friends on Facebook where he shares updates about his upcoming music and events. Though he also shared a video in which he teaches how to make DEADMU5 style of music.

Thus, Augustus Acryns is a multi-potential person whose talent is a God-gifted through which he gives wings to the music industry. He is a source of inspiration for those youngsters who find their careers in the field of music.

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