Drinking wine is luxury in its nature but the real taste is linked with the environment. It’s true that every drinker dwells by his own exclusive taste but some things are every person’s choice for drinking like a quality drink, a friendly environment, calm gorgeous lodge, fascinating view, dusk time scene, respectful hospitality, complete privacy, riding, walking, wildering atmosphere and so on. Yes! An ideal milieu is the first picking for wine but if each excellence is available in its full energy at one and a single place that is the only, solo and lonely lodge in the name of Herdade da Rocha – Boutique Lodge located at Lugar Couto do Saramago, Aldeia da Mata, 7430-437 Crato, Portugal.


Herdade da Rocha is a trusted name in the splendid socialite business of wine, high quality, and the ideal environment is the slogan of Herdade da Rocha. It’s really a mysterious place for solo drinkers, couples, friends, and parties. Herdade da Rocha describes “Alentejo, Portugal, also composed by a very beautiful winery at the site in which we do wine tourism activities. This project has also a golf course and a boutique lodge where guests can stay and feel all the wine culture”. Herdade da Rocha offers an extensive catalog of quality wines. The specialty of Herdade da Rocha is its purity, gorgeous style of presentation, taste match produces, zeal for enhancing wine culture, testimonial arrangements and respect for customer’s choices.

Interesting is the fact that it’s not a mere slogan but the customer’s comments attest all this in a very firm way such as a customer on social media platform describe Herdade da Rocha in these words “Magnificent days in this homestead! The perfect communion between Alentejo Nature and the good taste of all the decoration of the Quinta! The wine is excellent, the staffs are endlessly friendly, I have to highlight Chef José Mendes, and thank him for all his kindness towards us! A place to return without a doubt!.”

In the same fashion, another customer who visited Herdade da Rocha boutique lodge illustrates it as a “magical place and wonderful people. Excellent in everything they do and how they do it. I loved the concept and I want to go back there. Very good to rest and enjoy nature, on foot or even by bicycle.

Herdade da Rocha in actuality knows the taste of its consumers; it provides wild space in full security surrounded by wild animals, blue pools in open sunbath atmosphere, glamorous luxury rooms for privacy, bars for parties, pathways for walking drinkers.

Herdade da Rocha also shares its profit with customers in the form of discount, the purpose is to strengthen the friendly ties and enhance the wine culture with a touch of modesty and dignity.  Herdade da Rocha acclaims “Enjoy winter in the countryside! Visit Herdade Da Rocha until February 29th and use the winter code for a 15 % discount on your stay!”.

Herdade da Rocha’s dream is the comfort to deliver to its customers. A memorial stay and the real joy of life with friends are achievable only at Herdade da Rocha lodge. Here you feel the factual pleasure of civilization of wine. The staffs are all hospitable; the wine is pure and enriched in its natural energy and the servants are servicing in the real cultural sense.

If  Herdade da Rocha is in your reach and you have not visited it, it would be the bitter deprivation of your life so hurry up, search Herdade da Rocha on Google or explore its beauties on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and no doubt, you will be there in the next moment.

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