Dahlia Bayoumi (@Bayoumid)


Dahlia Bayoumi is a gorgeous personality, professional flight attendant, marvelous adventure traveler, successful digital marketer and impressive influencer from Egypt, living in the USA.

She studied her school at South Carolina Chapin High School in 2006, then studied pre-medical at the University of South Carolina, Columbia from 2010 to 2014. Also, she got her MS in Biomedical Engineering from the University of South Carolina. Her home town is Chapin South Carolina. She is living in Denver Colorado where she works as a corporate flight attendant for SkyAngels. Dahlia Bayoumi’s approach to life is quite positive and her vision is broad. She is a frequent traveler and she loves the adventures life.

Dahlia Byoumi’s zeal for traveling has developed her corporate abilities and that is, she has an identity as polyglot. She can speak and understand English, Arabic and Spanish languages. Speaking different languages is more useful for her, exploring the world and they are also helpful as a professional influencer and in digital marketing. It’s very interesting that Dahlia Bayoumi has already grasped the sources and capacities to develop her career. Looking at her profile at a glance reveals her bright future in all the fields, she has jumped in.

Dahlia Byoumi’s heart is filled with the love of nature and adventuring and exploring enthusiasm is its replication but she has also the skills, energy, and courage to explore the unseen. She is enough brave to travel around the deserted mountains, vast deserts and snowy lakes and hills alone or with a team. Her strength and stamina are truly wonderful.


Dahlia Byoumi’s social sense is also great. She loves her fellows, family, and friends. She lives as a socialite and likes to enjoy life among the gorgeous members of society. Her social media accounts and her shared posts are placing her on the top of exploring as well as on the peak of socialite gatherings. She is very active on social media, her adventurous style is liked by many peoples. She enjoys attempting new things. She has more than 24K followers on her Instagram account. Her fan following is increasing day by day. She has captivated the hearts of many peoples because of her active involvement on social media. Her lifestyle is amazing but highly inspiring. Much more can be learned from her posts on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. She is very generous in the sense that she seems always willing to share all the moments and events of her private, family and professional life with friends and with all the users around the world.


Dahlia Bayoumi’s love for animals is also matchless. While consoling her adventurous instinct in the desert of Egypt on the way towards the pyramids, she warmly kisses the camel setting in front of her.

For social media users, there are many things of interest in the lifestyle of Dahlia Bayoumi. Especially girls can get inspiration for their life and career while exploring Bayoumi. She has maintained her status on the top of success everywhere she has entered. The determination and enthusiasm for doing great jobs is the generating power behind the successful lifestyle of Dahlia Bayoumi. Dahlia Bayoumi believes in the beauty of her dreams and she enjoys life like a dream and shares every moment on social media. She is very daring and a source of inspiration for many girls who want to enjoy life and fulfill their dreams.

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