Carlos (@canunezz)


Life is very short and one must not waste it in doing useless things. It is very important to identify the true motive of life and therefore one should try the best to live a life that fulfills the main goals. But sometimes it is not easy to explore what we actually want from our life and know how to spend it accordingly. It usually takes a lot of time and effort to make a decision about setting goals for our life. Lucky are those who meet their actual interest in life at an early age and make every possible effort to live their dream life. Canunezz is one of those lucky persons who have clarified visions about his life and his goals. Since a quite young age, he has explored his interests that mainly relate to traveling.

Carlos (also known as Canunezz on social media) is an adventurer who likes to travel around the world. He loves to see many different places to explore the amazing beauty of this world. Besides witnessing the uniqueness of the places that he visits, he gets indulged in attempting various adventurous activities for which these places are famous for. He is most often seen to do hiking and deep water diving and underwater swimming. He beautifully explains his motive of life as “If you learned something from me this year is to do what you want and not wait for others. Take a gamble and jump off that cliff. You will feel free and never have a WHAT IF moment again.”

Since the year 2011, Carlos is residing in Yonkers, a city in Westchester County, New York but he spends most of his time traveling. The 39-year-old Carlos has visited many places by now. Some of these include Alaska, Nevada, California, Puerto Rico, Louisiana, Florida, and New Hampshire. He is extremely precautious about time and tries to utilize his time more efficiently.

As travel makes people gain many experiences than just have to see different places. It does not only improves one’s health, helps disconnect from routinely stress, makes us smarter, let us understand other cultures but also help us become more interesting and adventurous. Many of these changes are being encountered by Carlos as well. He has turned out to be more positive than ever before since he has started spending more time in traveling. Carlos is a food lover and pet lover. His other interests include photography and playing various games, particularly the virtual and indoor games. Having a keen interest in photography, Carlos attempts to do a professional photoshoot of all the places that he visits. The eye-catching and mesmerizing views that he has captured so far grabs the attention of a large group of his followers on Instagram.

By profession, Carlos is an entrepreneur and his entrepreneurial qualities have been greatly enhanced since he has started to travel. Besides enjoying his trip as a vacation and taking memorable pictures of serene views, Carlos adopts any such practices that he believes are good for his professional career too. His traveling has really helped him in his current business relating to home improvement activities such as interior decorating etc. Carlos is one of those well balanced and managed people who follow their profession and passion altogether in a successful and enjoyable way.

Carlos is an amazing adventurer, thrills seeker and a mentor. He has more than 45,000 followers on his Instagram page. He shares his photographs and updates on her Instagram account (canunezz) that is liked and loved by thousands of his followers.

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