Jake Parker Dj ReKap

DJ Recap

Music has become an essential part of everyone’s life; even though it is just like an organ without which no one can live. Since music is an effective source of communication that busts out stress when someone feels sad similarly it relishes when someone is happy. For creating such a heartfelt domain, many music artists put their impeachable efforts in different genres of music for creating a soulful and ingenious relation with music lovers. Similarly, the music producers are those who are self-motivated, highly esteemed and highly acknowledged about the music taste. They always engage in searching for self-reflection, and depth place in fans’ hearts. So, here we introduce one of the self-motivated, hard-working and multi-talented music producers, Jake Parker who also well-known with Dj ReKap in the music industry. He has earned benevolent admirations in Djing, rapping, singing, beat-boxing and music production.

Jake Parker is the son of Tim and Amy parker and was born on November 11, 1995, in the capital city of Germany, Berlin. He is from Merrimack, New Hampshire. He works as a shift supervisor at Allied Universal Jobs. He studied Criminal Justice at Nashua Community College, and he also studied at Merrimack High School.

Jake Parker possesses great affection for music since childhood even he started making creative beats from 7th grade, and he took this step in 7th grade which is an inspirational source for early learners. He emerges as a twinkling star of a music producer in his teenage age, and thus he started producing music professionally at Dunkin’ Donuts in his teenage age. Firstly, he gained a love of people and became famous among the public through a live-streaming app, LiveMe where he has been streaming since 2016, and it is worthy to note that he is on number 42 there. Moreover, Jake Parker beats were noticed by DJ King Assassin. Not only this, but he also keeps attracting a number of music lovers on another famous song app, SoundCloud.com where he has been releasing hip hop music since his early school and till now more than 5K fans are acquiring the pleasure of his music.

Moreover, Jake Parker has achieved another feather in his cap along with other success; he received the title of VERIFIED BROADCASTER for having a great number of fans. More than 275K fans are following him on LiveMe, even it is estimated that LiveMe is his greater provenance of his earning, and about $150 million, he has earned from that app. In addition, he has also fetched most of his fans from the LiveMe app to Instagram, and currently, 101K followers are following him on Instagram where he spread love and respect to his fans though he keeps updating his fans for upcoming music beats and about 0.2K followers on Facebook. In the same way, Jake Parker has also an account on anonymous social media, “ask.fm” where numerous fans ask different questions from him anonymously.

Having the pets in the house is a sign of kind heart and loving the creature, and similarly, Dj ReKap is also an animal lover and he has a little puppy in his house.

Thus, Jake Parker is an example of passionate and multi-talented music producer whose music is a true depiction of artistry and sincerity which provides a trailblazing taste of music with the use of modern technology, and his beginning of professional life in teenage is a kind of inspiration which shows that the greater level of passion for anything makes impossible dreams to possible.  Moreover, his songs possess a wide place in the hearts of numerous people as well as a soulful relation with a number of people, and for the reason, he has millions of followers on different social networking sites.

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