Abstractlens with a twitter identity “@nubianvagabond” is a high spirited artist working in graphics and tattoos, having an especial interest in drawing for adultery taste. His favorable area of the job is bbws and ssbbws. Abstractlens as an adult graphic illustrator is perfect in its creative art. The motto “show maximum love” is always immobilizing in his posters.

His career and his choice of profession tell more about his great personality in the sense that no one is to be ignored as everyone is important in its place and existence. Abstractlens choice to draw nude bbws, is a tribute to fat women and girls. A generally concept is that beauty rests in skinny and slim body but that’s in no way the factual notion because there are many who love fatty women and girls. In this contexture, Abstractlens is a representative of such a school of thought. He not only loves bbws and ssbbws but also advocates the conceptual path to appreciate such great and respectable creatures. His illustrations in this regard are messengers and token of gratitude to the women having a fat body. His illustrations encourage bbws and empower them to say “we are proud of our plus-size”. It is now very clear that fatty is no more a slogan of shame or shy style. Abstractlens creations are tokens of adoration to bbw lovers.

It is very clearly demonstrated in the posts on Instagram and Twitter as well as on the personal website of Abstractlens that love rests in the heart and mind. One can find it everywhere if he or she is willing to search for it. Nubianvagabond’s illustrations pinpoint the beauty spots in the body which are really fascinating. Nude bodies, angling, and posing lay bare the art and display the charm of sexuality in real sense.


Sexuality is the potent human instinct but its satisfaction and mood differ from person to person. Its attraction, feelings, and emotion have different meanings for different people so it is diverse and personal in its nature. Nubianvagabond’s taste is bbw, it combines his inner potent, his emotional direction, and his humanitarian behavior. His love is hot in expression and he is very clear in its exposition. All this is evident in his art, his posts and poses on social media platforms like Instagram and others.

The other interesting aspect of Nubianvagabond’s life is his adoration and love for tattoos. He is a genius in the art of making tattoos while his own body is also devoted to absorbing a variety of them.

He has great respect for his profession and knows the importance of his work. As a tattoo designer, he works on customers’ requests. His sphere of the job is vast and women and couples are his usual costumers but his specialty is curvy girls, porn stars, bbws,  ssbbws, web models and came girls. His posters are also available for sale. The high demand and perfection are accomplished as his illustrations are featured in major publications over the years.


Nubianvagabond’s professionalism is also attractive in photography. He has a mature sense of beauty. His pictures provide the best angling and posing qualities. His work is fascinating as he understands the skills that make the image speaking and glittering.

The most interesting thing in the lifestyle and profession of Nubianvagabond is self-confidence and self-developing capacity. The fact is that Nubianvagabond is a self-taught graphic expert. He is the student of own thoughts and so his work is pure and representative of his instincts. He welcomes the people who are willing to be a part of his glorious world so anyone can join him in various platforms of social media and on his website “https://onlyfans.com/artmind4ever”.

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