Thierry Von der Warth, a Disk Jockey (DJ) working with “Versuz”, also Deejaying “Overtime” and operates the Thierry Von Der Warth as owner. He studied his school and got his graduation from his hometown. After he got his graduation in 2003, he stepped into the professional world and traveled Lloret de Mar, a town in Spain’s Catalonia on the Costa Brava in 2004 followed by Bo drum Icel in Turkey in 2008 and to Palma De Mallorca in Spain in 2010. Thierry Von der Warth again visited Turkey in 2011 but this time he visited Antalya. He also visited the Dominican Republic, Barcelona in Spain, sunny beach in Bulgarije and Paris in France. In short, Thierry Von der Warth is not a stagnant soul but he is a flowing bird having an international touch of his profession. It’s a motto that wide traveling widens insight and develops universal traits in personality, on this scale, Thierry Von der Warth gets 100% marks which are ratified by his work with Area TV, his performance at Tomorrowland, at Versuz Club, at SoundCloud and his plays on YouTube and on his Official Website the “”. This is a vivid description of Thierry Von der Warth’s lifestyle and a clear picture of his career and personality. One can find him on Instagram, Spotify, SoundCloud, Facebook, and other social media platforms. A single great feature of his life is enthusiasm regarding his profession, as a matured DJ and performer.


Thierry Von der Warth’s professional life is young and full of energy, his performance is live as hot blood running in veins but his creativity is seasoned and will organize.  His electronic dance music (EDM), his pops and DeeJying are depictions of Thierry Von der Warth’s professional life.

Thierry’s EDM on SoundCloud in the title “Your party mix 2020#1” is really a heart-moving presentation. Similarly Thierry Von der Warth’s “Your Party Mashups#3” is one of the top mixtapes on SoundCloud. More of Thierry Von der Warth, you can enjoy on Moose Bar XXL, on Balaton Sound and other music platforms with the slogan “Your Party DJ”.

Thierry Von der Warth also has the capability to manage his own creations. He performs on Mag’s #4 Clubs in the Versuz with his self-edits in the style of Marsh-ups and Remixes. He acclaims to handle any party because he has mature skills in his job.


Interesting is his lifestyle and amazing is his professional career. He played many times at world Tomorrowland which is the biggest EDM festival having millions of audiences and viewers all over the world. He is a resident DJ in club Versuz in Belgium and has been working on that spot for the last six years. He has played at Tomorrowland Winter in France and expectedly, he will again be there. His first Remix for David Latour is present on Youtube and one can easily find and enjoy that. He also presents radio shows on Versuz radio every week. He promises his two Singles as his first creation in this style to be onboard this year.

Thierry Von der Warth‘s professional lifestyle are live and embody the ability and charm to be followed. His love for nature and beauty can be depicted while exploring him on Instagram or Facebook where you see him enjoying the beauties of blue ocean, snow full mountains, and greenery.

Tomorrowland’s esthetic sense and sincerity in friendship for fellows is also marvelous in its exposition. His zeal for traveling and camping is representative of the higher traits of humanity.

Thierry Von der Warth has captivated the hearts of many peoples through his unique style. He has a great fan following on various platforms of social media. He shares his experiences and guides to his co-workers as well as conveys his exercising tips to the users of social media if one tries to meet him, listen to him or contact him so he is here on “”.


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