In today’s world, we can either criticize the world around us or take steps to work for a better future. The task of bettering the world for generations to come seems very daunting initially. However, by making small dietary choices, we can ensure a more peaceful and healthy world for years to come. MissGreen is working for exactly that kind of future.

MissGreen is an organic and healthy company formed in Taipei. It has a variety of unique and tasty vegetable-based dishes for people to enjoy. MissGreen has been setting up vegetable-based pop-ups for nearly a year. MissGreen believes that even a small baby step can contribute to a large impact in the future. The company believes that small changes in our everyday diet can revolutionize the world; this is supported by their tagline “Many of us dream about changing the world, what if you can do it three times a day?”

MissGreen achieves this by providing catering services, restaurant dine-ins, and takeout for delicious vegan dishes. Their menu includes every scrumptious and appetizing dish one could ever dream of. From sandwiches, tofu, and dumplings to pizza, burger, pasta, and risotto, MissGreen has it all. These dishes are loved by health-conscious people who also have a passion for saving the environment.

MissGreen ensures that all ingredients are ethically sourced. The company focuses on sourcing ingredients from smallholder agricultural products in Taiwan. They also guarantee that their food has no artificial additives. Subsequently, their food is not only healthy for eating but also great for the environment. MissGreen also believes in the idea of fast slow food. All food items are made delicately by hand, with top quality ingredients and with the least impact on the environment.

Apart from paving a way for healthy eating and reducing the harm to Mother Earth, MissGreen has grouped together with an online community for likeminded people with regard to healthy eating. This community is united by MissGreen’s Instagram page, “MissGreen TPE”. Here, enthusiasts from all around the world discuss how to improve their diets and how to contribute to the process of making the world a better place.


The mastermind behind MissGreen, Vivian Chang, has accumulated over 101,000 followers on Instagram. Vivian Chang is the founder of MissGreen, she established the company in order to protect and encourage healthy eating. Chang has been featured in popular food blogs such as “NOMFLUENCE” and “That’s Shanghai”, where she was praised for MissGreen’s menu items and her passion and drive to motivate individuals towards the path to healthy eating. Additionally, she was featured in Forbes China, where she gave insight about her past and how it impacted her to be where she is today.

Chang explained that everyone has the capability of being a hero and that everyone has a green heart. She believes that by making small but conscious choices, humans can make a large impact for generations to come.

She explains in an article of Forbes China that for a time period her diet consisted of only vegetables, and she noticed that her body had changed for the better. Not only did she undergo a physical change, but her mind felt more present and fresh, signaling a spiritual change too. She also felt that with a vegan lifestyle, people were more drawn to nature.

Chang wants to stop the perpetuation of the stereotype that healthy food is not tasty or delicious. She has a range of delicious menu items to choose from. Moreover, she is very innovative and unique with her dishes such as vegan ice-cream, vegetable burger, and vegan cake. Slowly but surely, MissGreen is changing the world.

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