Jason Mante

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Jason Mante as a creative mind is famous for his innovations on Vines and Mixes, who also plays music in national touring acts, he directs and designs heart-moving music. He worked as an art director and designer at the Toronto International Film Festival which is a certificate of high value in Jason’s profession. He also has skill show as SVP Product Design at fashion-tech startup.

Jason Mante’s motto is building creative teams, content production, and trend spotting and prediction. It’s not very easy to achieve such great goals but if one has the fortitude and a strong passion to do something grand, that to become the grand narrative of the time, like Jason Mante, then that is practicable.

Jason Mante is not a stagnant soul but his lifestyle denotes a multidimensional career orientation. He projects himself as a culture-focused creative leader and adviser, who work in design, technology, video, and music but that’s not the sole identification of his multi-facet personality. He has a passion to expand his work, following the theme “Expansion of man” and to internationalize his business. He works now on Google NYC where he has currently founded his own product comprising public speaking but at the time that is unreleased.

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Jason Mante’s mission is vast like his thoughts and perspectives. The sharing and creativity in his soul make him a public figure and beget love and interaction for him on a really large scale.

Mante’s remix “Billie Elish, Bury a Friend” on Youtube is startling, perhaps, this and many more creations on Twitter, SoundCloud and on drkfuture moved him to launch his own galaxy. The situation with Jason Mante on music planet is that his 207 posts have geared nearly ten million loops.  About the Vine, he has expertise in it, he says “Vine has evolved from the Instagram of video and that is now more like the entertainment industry, which now launching galaxy of stars by his own”.

Jason Mante’s life revolves around his career and that is the secret of his success. This gusto for music and design is really great and the trending job capturing all over the world, a vast market place in collaboration with social media networks and web applications.

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In an interview, Jason Mante uncovers his passion for his profession. He likes to work at vines’ office and then come home to work out his own projects. So that he is committed to working all the time and if he finds to go out he likes to walks just a few blocks over to the pier and hang out by the water. He likes Patron Mexican grill but his favorite is taco chip and strawberry pancakes. His talks here shape his personality in the best public form.

For Jason, the sense in music is very important and communicating tactics like in Vine is the soul of music. He accepts that Vine also has some limitations but those are not the blocking agents and that is why people are attracted by this format. He is super excited and every moment at the vine is exciting for him because this is really interesting. But still, the content is of crucial importance for Mante.

As head of the Product Design team, Jason Mante is the proven ability in defined and developed product solutions in all its three pillars i-e internal, external and creator. Similarly, Mante has achieved the best place in time management, research, and team-leading, working with many stakeholders at a time during his performance as Art Director in Toronto International Film Festival for two years from 2011 to 2013.

Jason Mante is really a trend leader having a soft corner for every person who is committed to working. One can find him everywhere on google based platforms of social contacts and business in music.

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