Giovannie Gonzalez (@Kinggioo1)


The Boxing is the name of bravery which needs hard work, courage, the skill of understanding the opponent fighters, and hours of learning practice. Boxing is just like chess in which boxers create a strategy to beat each new opponent. Similarly, in the world of boxing, many famous boxers have fought and are fighting still in the rings, here we are introducing one of the famous boxers, Giovannie Gonzalez. He is a well-known boxer; he belongs to Stockton California. He has fought many competitions and exhibited on different TV networks and online news segments.

For an able person, there is no deficiency of opportunities similarly Giovannie Gonzalez has signed the multiyear contracts with different parties. He is always thankful to the persons who have given him opportunities, and he is always hopeful and doing hard work for winning the world title fight, as well as he thanks to his head trainer and whole boxing team which is like family for him and they just resurrecting his boxing career. It is certain that many people have their role models or ideal in their lives likewise Giovannie Gonzalez has a role model in his life too. As he stated that “since childhood, I am watching the boxing of the world Boxing Champion in Middleweight, Sergio Martinez; he used to inspire me, and though I boost up my confidence and acquires guidance from his role model’s life”.


As Giovannie Gonzalez is a famous boxer, many boxing lovers like him and for the reason, he has a great number of fans including 24K followers on Facebook where he shares his videos, and also updates his fans for his upcoming fight and similarly, he has 24.2K followers on Instagram which shows his popularity in the world of boxing. He has captivated the hearts of many boxing lovers throughout the world. He is well-known because of his unique style of fight.

Giovannie Gonzalez has a Boxing Gym where he teaches boxing & self-defense skills, not only that he also trains himself for his competition, and sometimes he does merely for fitness. At the Gonzalez boxing gym, the facility of personal training is also available where he trains the boxers with passion, professionalism and hard work, and thus, this boxing gym is the evidence of the Giovannie Gonzalez love for the boxing.

Giovannie Gonzalez is one of those achievers who are not born talented, but they achieve their life dreams by having an attitude of “I can do it”. His supremacy of boxing is a spark of inspiration for all box lovers. Though his affection for boxing is at the extreme level and for the reason, he enlightens boxing loving to fulfill their dreams via his boxing gym. For him, boxing is just not merely a sport, but it is a ring of life where you can get many hits to move forward to give the igneous hit of your success. Giovannie Gonzalez has captivated the hearts of his many followers around the Globe. One can follow him on Instagram (@Kinggioo1), Twitter (@Kinggioo1), Facebook (Giovannie Gonzalez) and on Youtube (


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