Sophie Grace Hirschfelder (@hirschygrace)


Modeling is one of the voguish careers where many perform their role to promote, advertise, or serve as a visual aid for photography. Nowadays people frequently take part in many modeling contests. Similarly, in this article, we are going to talk about a dignified model, Sophie grace hirschfelder. Sophie grace hirschfelder is an Australian model now living in London and New York with frequent visits to Italy as well; in short, she can be introduced as a flying bird of the modeling sphere. Sophie grace hirschfelder is now a great name in the realm of modeling who once lived a nomadic life. Growing up painting and playing music, is quite familiar to a diversity of life. She was scouted in London and the life which turned that leaf didn’t stop collecting success after success. Challenges at each step, new faces new behaviors, new surroundings, the sparkling world of fashion, the lighting effects, the flashes of cameras all together contributed to the gratified lifestyle of Hirschfelder. But the most valuable support she got is from her family and her therapist who helped her to indulge in herself.

Since the 5.6 feet height is not the best choice for “runway” but the preoccupied wisdom of Sophie grace Hirschfelder and blessed flight in the art and that resulted in her presence on Balenciaga exclusive runway show and became one of shortest models in the history of the runway of show. The amazing addition to her victorious life happened due to an American skillful photography-legend, Steven Meisel who empowered Hirschfelder’s career in modeling with whom she works. Along with that she also works with another photographer, Cheryl Dunn. After glorious success in modeling, she has begun to be featured in advertising of Italian luxuries brand of fashion Gucci and Versace. Moreover, she also works with the grand British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood; the legendary British designer Paul Smith; the British luxury fashion house Burberry and the well-known American fashion designer Marc Jacobs. Although this was a great achievement in her professional life, not the least; she was also featured in a number of world-famous magazines like the Italian edition of Vogue Magazine “Vogue Italian” with Mert and Marcus, Happer’s Bazaar, W magazine with Craig McLean. In an interview, Hirschy says, “It was a wonderful experience to work with my personal heroes the Italian fashion designer and creative director for Gucci Alessandro Michele and French fashion designer and creative director of the house of Louis Vuitton Nicolas Ghesquière”.

Sophie’s zeal of learning and her capability to struggle untiring is the real secret of her success.  She proved herself that the art of modeling is not only to have an athletic tall body, fair skin, and perfect figures but the fundamentals of the art are the knowledge to recognize the demands of the fashion. The appealing impression is the running power and is inculcated by the model in a presentation where Sophie seems to be the champion of the skill. The diversity of costumes, whether they are classic, casual, formal, office, teen’s or in any form and style the best look one can find with Sophie Grace’s touch.

Besides her professional life, Sophie is living, having a beating heart for nature and natural beauties. Her posts on social media platforms like Instagram illustrate the inner depth and its beauties overtly. She dwells on the motto “Be kind to yourself” and that she advises to get and be willing to get knowledge about self and surroundings because knowledge is power for her. Applying the principles to her life, alongside her career, she is journaling and writes music in leisure.

She believes that ‘separate yourself from ego and focus on your internal self as it is the right path to develop yourself socially, economically, and culturally’.

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