Rubi Escócio (@igaogeneralff)

youtube gamer

Rubi Escócio is a beautiful icon from Alfenas city in Brazil. She has her identity as YouTuber gamer on social media. She studied at Unifenas – José do Rosário Vellano University

Her Instagram identity is “igaogeneralff” where she shares her games and interests as a promotional channel. From here one can enter the changing world of gaming with Rubi Escócio. Her slogan is “Disclosures and Partnerships”. She believes in General Partnership which is a format of business where two or more individuals agree to share in all assets and matters in relation to the joint adventure. This type of partnership in the Gaming business is more profitable and relevant. She is the best Free Fire player and that is the field of her interest.

Rubi Escócio has a bright heart and knows the way to a brilliant future. This feature of Rubi Escócio’s personality is reflected in one of her posts on Facebook where she describes it in a very beautiful and effective manner “the lights will guide you home”. This will encourage you to start a business in her domain because this message explicitly explains the secret of success where you get a share.

Rubi Escóciohas fanaticism to learn even from the environment, a better lesson and she know how to indoctrinate that in her life and inculcate in her business as You Tuber Gamer.  According to her “I learned from spring; to let myself cut and come back in one piece”. This is a fantastic approach to achieve any goal you predestine for yourself.

Rubi Escócio loves nature and that replicates her inner purity. She seems lost in the beauties of nature and deeply enjoys its scenes. At the same time, her young beautiful heart is fond of music and public events.

Rubi Escócio is very rationalistic in her approach to human behaviors, especially the men’s treatment with women. She is critical of senseless love and inhuman handlings in timely or permanent relations. She is highly sensitive and can’t see tears in the eyes of helpless souls. On social media, she actively advocates having beneficent conduct with individuals that need your help. She believes that “you are flower and deserve to be watered every day”. She has also strong religious inclinations for the integrity of humanity. She quotes “Jesus died for you in public, so don’t live for Him only in private”.

She is willing to promote her stances on human behaviors and also she is enthusiastic to enhance her share as a Free Fire Player. Free Fire Gaming is not only an interesting game for leisure and pleasure but that is also a profitable business on the Internet. This is a streaming and trending business, making you an icon of the day. You collect fame and gain money in a very fascinating environment that enhances your energies, develops your broad up, and sharpens your mind.

Here is one snapshot that is taken from the Rubi Escócio Instagram account.


The best choice will be the partnership with the best players like Rubi Escócio. So it is not very difficult to find her because she offers openly to play and have shared in the fun.

She has a great fan following on social media. She has 1,521 followers on her Instagram, and 810 followers on her Facebook. Her unique approach is liked by many peoples on social media.




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