Parkbench Family


Family is the name of support, family shelters in our stormy days, the family is real relation who made us believe in our own self. When we say word family our mind diverts towards blood relationships, but today in our article we have a family that is not bonded by blood but strongly merged with the same vision and motives. This family has a strong belief in the quality services of the society. Today, we are talking about a Parkbench family whose aim is to support small business owners with free, hyperlocal marketing and exposure. Parkbench objectives are to bring people, business and neighborhoods closer.

Parkbench is one of the most comprehensive sources for local events, deals, and news in each community. It has established a proprietary technology that automatically aggregates local content from around the web.

Parkbench provides support to Business Owners, Real Estate Agent, and Residents.  Parkbench supports small business owners and provides free online marketing tools that they may attract more customer online. If you have a local business, create a free account and post your deals, promotions, and events. Connect with your neighborhood sponsor to be interviewed and featured for free. Whether it’s social media or local search results, Parkbench neighborhood platform makes it easy for local residents to get to know your business.

Parkbench sponsor, local real estate agents are rapidly growing their network. The real estate sponsors are on the ground in each community, interviewing and featuring the story behind local business owners who make their community great. Each neighborhood is sponsored by a single real estate professional, who loves and cares about their community.

Parkbench also provides support for resident people who love to shop local and who want to get to know the people behind the cool local businesses in their community.

The CEO of the company is Grant Findlay-Shirras and CMO is Amanda Findlay-Shirras. Parkbench’s family came into existence in 2013. The Parkbench creates easiness in the buying process through Awareness, research, consideration, and decision. The Parkbench family has a wonderful team that provides quality services and helps in the buying process.


Parkbench is one of the biggest and fastest-growing real estate marketing startups in the world. They are international and have an unbelievable company culture that people love. The Parkbench family helps professionals connect with their community. They have 140,000 local businesses, 1200 plus Real estate professionals, and 15000 plus Neighborhoods. The Parkbench is very active on Social Media. It has a great number of fans following on Social Media and people like their creative way of serving. If you are interested and want to join the Parkbench family, you can visit their website or follow on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

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