Status Coup


Nowadays, the media is the brawniest entity on earth and plays an important role in our society. Almost everyone has easy access to media when something good or bad happens in the world or in their life they instantly want to share their feelings and views in front of all, but for that, they require a social forum to exhibit them. Similarly, we have numerous independent media organizations that highlight the various issues of the Society.


Amongst those organizations, Status Coup is an independent media company that featured in the field and investigates reporting, its mission is simply to expose injustice, corruption, and theft of elite people who are usually aided by corrupt corporate media.

The Status Coup is progressive and independent media, reports on various issues of society, is found by Jordon Chariton and Jenn Dize.

Jordan Chariton is an independent broad-minded journalist who’s worked inside, and outside, the belly of the corporate media beast for over a decade. Chariton began his journalism career in journalism’s house of horrors—Fox News—booking and producing an online news show. From Fox, he crossed Sixth avenue to produce and book at MSNBC. After three years of cable news, Chariton decided the corporatization and sensationalism of corporate media was the antithesis to his brand of citizen and community-focused journalism, so he bolted. After nearly two years producing digital videos for NYC’s lecture hall 92nd Street Y, Chariton began reporting in the digital arena, writing for TV Newser and He is also known for his reporting in Flint, Michigan on the ongoing water crisis. Jordan Chariton is a very active personality of America who is one of the famous American investigating reporters who formerly worked for the digital news network, “The Young Turks”. Chariton is best known for his journalism career at The Young Turks along with another democratic and vigorous woman, Jenn Dize.

Since Status Coup is an unconventional media, and for extending his media approach to remote areas, Jordan has begun a donation campaign, “GoFundme” as to put forward subdue and suppressed issues to the world. About 1.2k open-handed people have donated in his campaign, and till now he has collected $87K. With the compassionate motive, Status Coup holds a wide place in the heart of people and thus it has a huge fan following over different social networking sites. It has around 3,622 followers on Facebook, likely it has 17204 followers on twitter and 70500 subscribers on YouTube. The fan following of Status Coup is increasing day by day because of its reliability and trustworthiness. The Status Coup has created a wonderful value in the mindset of peoples. The Status Coup shares up to date news, information and articles on their websites. The website is very user-friendly and you can find the latest update on

Status Coup’s mission is simple: expose the quite injustice, corruption, and theft of working people’s futures by the elite aided by a corrupt corporate media.

To feel endless happiness, satisfaction, hope, and cheerfulness in life then one must be selfless as it is one of the greatest triumphs in the world. In the same way, Status Coup is one of altruistic media group which shows real issues and provides sensational content as to become the voice of helpless as well as make people conscious. For the reason, it has great influence over millions of people and therefore people promptly contribute to it as well.

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