As the picture illustrates, Lisssy is beautiful, smart and fashion lover girl. She is by birth a migrant bird as she has been visiting country after country from the date back when she was only one year old. She is enthusiastic and has the compassion to stopover every state of the world. That is because she is eager to know about the different cultures of the nations living on this planet with different tastes. Perhaps this feature is the instinct or her nourishment in different parts of the world. She had studied in Italy, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Jordan, Malta, Great Britain, and Ireland and can speak 6 different languages that make her a perfect polyglot. She is graduated from scientific high school.

Lisssy’s love for fashion is also in extreme like her excitement for traveling and as well her commitment to studying books as bookaholic. As a professional traveler, she has a record of visiting 41 different countries of the world till the date which is non-stop like her zeal for traveling.  This is understandable easily from her slogan on social media as “Lisa H, avid explorer of life”. Her 108 posts on Instagram with 73.6k followers, also symbolizes her lifestyle and fashion of life.

Lisssy as a fashionable girl is properly depicted by her posts on Instagram as well as her love for nature and cultural costumes. You can see her in different cultural costumes of west and east. One can meet her on the seashores, near the relics, looking to the sky and staring at the blue water of the ocean.

Lisssy’s professional life is also live as her fanaticism for fashion, learning new things to console her adventurous instinct. She is punctual and wholehearted as an activist and professional pilot. Her posts and snaps on social media authenticate her slogan about that.

Lisssy’s common lifestyle is also fantastic and lives her life with heart and soul. She seems lost in thinking perhaps for planning her next destination to visit and enjoy. In fact, Lisssy’s life and living method are symbolic and a real portrait of an adventurous soul which she also admits and shows her determination for its promotion.


Lisssy describes her nature in the words as such “since I was a little girl, I always had this craze; loving the unpredictable”. She always loved “the speed”, the changeable and to see and to try everything new and learn as much as possible. This is inherited in the nature of Lisssy. That is why her zeal is ever new and passion is always young and productive. She wants something strange in her life every moment which makes her “a restless soul, an adventurous girl, and free spirit”. By profession, Lisssy is a pilot and that choice helps her to meet her wants and fulfill her desires. She did her first airplane pilot when she was only at age 17.

Lisssy also enjoys sports like volleyball, basketball, karate, golf, ice skating, dance, boxing, rhythmic gymnastics, athletics, and swimming. She is more than a live girl because she is really adventurous.

An interesting feature of Lisssy’s lifestyle is her passion for sharing her experiences with other people and that you can see on her social media accounts where she seems eager to share every adventure and all events of her life. She has a great fan following on Social media. Her adventurous lifestyle is liked by many peoples. She has been inspiring and captivated the hearts of many followers on Social Media.


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