Efnurrahmat is a young, energetic, sensible, skillful and efficient photographer. His hometown is Kotabumi in the Lampung province of Indonesia but currently, he lives in the capital city Bandung. He is in relation and has strong richer in love and embodied in high regard to family affairs. His sincerity and sensations are pure and natural as his picture as a product of his profession.

He studied from SMK NEGERI 2 METRO (State Vocational High School 2 metro), SMK NEGERI 2 METRO LAMPING (PRINTIZZZZ KAMPUS HIJAU) and Smp N2 Bumi Ratu Nuban. His personality denotes him as a man of dreams and memories. His posts on social media prove that he loves his school and schoolmates much more.

Efnurrahmat’s approach to life and nature is a clear reflection of his instinct as a photographer. He understands the essence of photography, he has a great sense of images and imaginations, he discerns the timing for shooting, he is aware of the anglings in camera work, he is familiar with the situational importance of photos. He is enthusiastic for his job. In short, photography is a natural profession of Efnurrahmat. And these qualities are vibrantly depicted in his posts on social media platform like Instagram and Facebook.

Photography is a science in its nature and needs instinctive love for nature and surroundings. The basic technique in photography is the timing and angling which makes the output real and interesting. This is the nature of human beings to record and memorize every important moment of life and events and photography is the best way to make live them forever. In this context, photography is an evergreen and all-time new and applicable profession which has more relevancies in the current digital age.

Efnurrahmat’s skill in photography is reflected in his love for his family in a very amazing way.  He has a great sense of emotions in the picture which is the soul of the camera work. That is because his heart is full of love. His feelings and impressions and their portrayal make the memories live and ever sparkling. One can easily pick up the reality behind the pictures posted by Efnurrahmat.


Photography as a profession and its marketing on social media is a new but relevant trend. In this framework, social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many others are the best marketing supporter that not only capture the attention of consumers around the world but also they are the greater sources of fame and identity. Photography is a profession that not only makes money for you but also consol your soul and provides you a starting place for entrainment and Efnurrahmat seems well aware of its mechanism.


Efnurrahmat loves cars and biking as his posts on social media speak it out. One can see him near a white car sometime driving while sometimes enjoying its impacts on photography.

Efnurrahmat also knows the technicality of photography as a profession. The poses are very important to be captured in time and with complete perfection. This is the skill that makes the photo speak.

The lifestyle and professional skills of Efnuurahmat are appreciable. He shares his skills and emotions on social media and that in reward collect fame and adoration for him from all over the world. If one is interested to have acquaintance with Efnurrahmat, follow and join him on social media networks like Instagram and Facebook.

He has a great fan following on social media.  He has over 6723 followers on his Instagram account. His photography and his unique approach captivated the hearts of many peoples around the Globe.

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