Some people’s only aspiration is to inspire. Eddy Nini, being a part of the few, is a rapper, singer, and dancer. Eddy was born and raised in Belgium but his parents’ origin is Burundi. However, he was headed over heels in love with Danish culture. Additionally, he is officially recognized as a Danish resident. Eddy, who is known as Nini in the music industry, is very versatile and diverse in terms of music. He is an independent artist currently working with “Rex Clique”

His music ranges from all types of genres. His song “Make her Dance”, which was released in 2019, has captured the attention of party music and Electronic Dance Music (EDM) fans from all over the world. On the other hand, his song “No Fire” is well-liked by fans of Rhythm and Blues. To add to this, his song “You Know” has a soul element to it. Additionally, he has caught attention from fans of rap music as well with his upcoming song “She Got Money in the Basement”. Eddy shared a teaser of the song on his Instagram, announcing that it will be released in February.

With his varied music, his popularity is increasing all over the world. The unique factor about Nini is that he integrates his knowledge and experience from a range of cultures into his music, which is perhaps the reason for the diversity of his music.

His fame is not new; he was a contestant in “Danmark har talent” (Demark Has Talent) and even made it to the finals. Nini was a participant of the show with his brothers, they were known as “Nini Brothers”. The group was known for their dance performances and were awarded second place in the show. Eddy Nini has utilized his talent in his current work as well; he showed off his dance moves in the “I Can Make Her Dance” official music video.

Though he is from Belgium, he has fans from all over the world. Spotify reports that he has over 11,000 monthly listeners on the app. His listeners are from a lot of places in the United States including Phoenix, West Chicago, Westminster, Dallas, and Charlotte. Similarly, he does not have a South-Asian background, but his music is loved by people in India. He shared a video of him performing his song at Status Nightlife in Chennai. His video was responded with overwhelming comments of love and praise. To add to this, he and his brothers were featured live on Chennai 104.8 FM. His concerts are full of energy and passion. He applies his dancing skills in his concerts and lives shows too; he is truly very versatile and talented.

His talent has not gone unrecognized; he is steadily growing in popularity. He has over 17,000 followers on Instagram. Furthermore, he has taken Spotify by storm. His Spotify showed that his career has grown immensely in 2019. His music has over 87,700 streams, over 3.5 hours of listening, and a total of 41,500 listeners. To add to his impressive accomplishments, his music is heard by people from 77 countries.

He has also utilized his talent and ability to dance to inspire and teach others. He has been an instructor at numerous workshops to teach dance to youngsters. He was an instructor at “Different Styles Rookies Camp”, where he focused on DK L.A. Styles dance. He also offered a master class at Komera Neza Studios, where he specialized in dance.

Apart from excelling in music and dance, Eddy has gone on to launch a clothing brand. He launched “Raw Style” powered by Raw Academy in 2017. The fashion is street style, casual and very striking.

It can be said with great confidence that Eddy Nini is burning the midnight oil to take over 2020, we can expect to see more of his talent this year.


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