Aris Munadar (aris_hera)


Aris Munadar (Awalia Hera Nander) is a 21-year-old graphic designer who belongs to Jakarta Indonesia. Back in the year of 2016, he successfully completed his basic education from the east Jakarta Vocational High School majoring in the field of Multimedia. During his schooling time at the Malak High School, he learned multiple skills relating to his major. Along with learning about multimedia science, such as image editing, video, audio, designing magazines, designing posters, covers, he studied the field of photography as well which has helped him a lot in his professional career. He started his professional career soon after completing his education.

In the year of 2016, Aris Munadar started up his own small business venture by advertising products through online trading sites such as Kaskus, At his company, he offered services such as reinstalling and repairing notebooks/laptops and buying and selling gadgets online mobile phone accessories, computer equipment, computer hardware, mobile phones, and others. The very first company that he merely worked for 6 months (August 2017 to January 2018) is a famous Business to a Business company in central Jakarta. During his first official job at the Prima Graphia Digital Company, Aris Munadar learned a lot about using the most advanced and latest machines in the digital printing industry. He also experienced expertise in the wide range of print services, including Ultra Wide Large Format, A3-B2 Digital Press, Digital Offset, Computer to Plate, and Photobooks. After resigning from his job at the PT Prima Graphia Digital Company in January 2018, he joined PT Dwicipta Creations Company in the same month, where he worked as a graphic designer till September 2018. He used to design brochures, poster boards, books, stickers, mugs, pins, textiles, and other designs at the Dwicipta Creations.

Throughout his educational and professional journey, Aris Munadar has been working on many skills other than just being a graphic designer. Some of his expertise skills include video editing, photography, web designing, and IT support. The creative side of Aris Munadar always keeps him passionate about his profession. He loves to put his creative ideas when he is working as a graphic designer. His main focus is on making the customers satisfied with his work hence he works according to the requirements of the clients. Putting light on his profession, Aris Munadar says, “I really like the world of design because of the many new things when I design a product or as the client wishes”.

Some of the major projects successfully completed by Aris Munadar include the Cover DVD company profile for a very famous and renowned company “The Center Hotel”, where he not only designed the cover of the company and printed it but also participated in the video editing. He also designed the certificates and uniforms for “The Center Hotel”. For Aris Munadar designing is not only his job but the hobby that always motivates him.

Aris Munadar deeply acknowledges his presence on social media. He believes that since he has joined the social media network Instagram, it has made his work easier as he can explore more about his work and communicate with his clients easily. He also dedicates his success and motivation to his work to his family and lover who always supported him throughout his journey of education and work. He believes in sincerity and prefers not to lie to others not only in his personal life but he follows such ethics and etiquettes in his work as well. While talking about his professional field Aris Munadar says “Graphic Designing is my Soul”.


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