Being born and raised in the organized territory of Guam in the United States in Micronesia in the western Pacific Ocean, Kevin Na also famously known as N:elo is deeply obsessed with music for very long. He has started his career in becoming a musician in Korea. Residing in Seoul, South Korea, Kevin Na is taking his music career to the next level. He has been an active social media user. Most of the music-related updates are available on his twitter and Instagram accounts. Kevin Na has a considerable number of fans and followers in South Korea and in many other countries as well.

Just on one of his social media accounts N:elo had around more than 28 thousand followers before the account was unluckily being hacked. Many certain acts such as having his account being hacked never demotivated N:elo and he always stayed positive and struggling towards his career.

His foremost musical skills mainly relate to the very famous and most trending genre of music that is Hip Hop often known as rapper music. Kevin Na basically works as a vocalist and has sung many songs so far. He is officially a signed singer who is recently working with Stellar Antics Entertainment (The premier event management company in Seoul, South Korea). Along with working for an event management company, Kevin Na has recorded a couple of songs for his personal music albums. His first music album was launched back at the very start of the year 2018. N:elo has been quite famous amongst Korean citizens not only because of his attractive songs but also for his joyful and jubilant personality.

Kevin Na is a zealous music artist. He believes in focusing on the positive side of this world. He is an easy-going but extraordinarily enthusiastic about his musical career. About the journey of the worldly life, Kevin Na says, “I’m thankful for the little things that happen in my life. I might not be living the best of the best right now but hey as long as if I and my loved ones are happy then I’m also happy”. He has never forced himself to become a music artist, but his extreme interest in hip hop music has helped him to reach this far in his musical career. By the end of December 2019, Kevin Na has been ranked amongst the famous Korean rappers by a famous morning show “JP Superstore” on a radio channel 101 (101.1 FM), which is a great achievement for a young music artist like Kevin Na. Rather than setting some professional goals for the New Year of 2020, the young and passionate music artist Kevin Na surprisingly planned to smile more throughout the New Year which is to make himself more happier than ever before.

N:elo has produced many wonderful tracks. You can find the variety of his tracks on ttps:// He has captivated the hearts of many people around the Globe.

The young music artist is a food lover as well. He loves Korean Cuisine, particularly the local “Bar B Cue dishes. The enthusiastic musician plans to push himself a little too much to create more hip hop music and some bangers for the public and his followers. Along with releasing music albums and singing bangers for daily music content, N:elo has also performed live in many events not only in South Korea but also in his hometown Guam. Despite losing his account at the time when he had a considerable number of followers, Kevin Na is still calm and positive and trying to get his followers back soon. With having certain ups and downs in his profession, N:elo is giving his best and has started from scratch to get his existence on social media to account as huge as it once used to be.

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