Enkay47 (@Enkay47official)


Today we are talking about an American Rapper and a Songwriter whose name is Nathan Lake Kawaguchi also known as Enkay47 (@enkay47official).

He looks up to The Beastie Boys, Tech N9ne, Nas, Eminem, and Red-Hot Chili Peppers. Interestingly, he also looks up to local artists from Oregon, but he believes that though there are a lot of talented people in Oregon, no one has achieved popularity on a national or international basis. He believes he can change that. At just 19 years old, he entered the music industry. Enkay47 was born in Salem, Oregon.

Enkay47 started off in 2016 by releasing his debut album “Welcome to My Mind”, this album showed a glimpse of the singer’s mind and shed light on his thoughts and experiences to truly break into the industry. He believes in constant improvement and shared that he would like his work to be better than the previous one. Keeping his word, he released “Welcome to My Mind”. This album was a way for his fans to know more about his personal life. One of his most famous songs, “Toxic”, was featured in this album. In this song, he raps about a difficult relationship in which he gave sacrifices, lost his friends and family, only to be left alone. This song has over a million views on YouTube. This song is proof that Enkay47 is not afraid to let his feelings and emotions into the songwriting process.


After the success of “Welcome to My Mind”, Enkay47 released “My Own Lane” in 2018. Sticking to the name, he decided to change his brand by adapting a striking blue color for his hair and eyes. This album features appealing and catchy songs that are very moving and emotional. About this, he says “I allow listeners to really delve into both my personal and professional life; in an attempt to help both entertain and relate to all different backgrounds and preferences.” His single “Different” is dedicated to people, who like him, have been rejected and abandoned. The music video for “Different” has over 76,000 views on YouTube. In 2019, he released his most recent album, “Grow Up”. He reveals that he believes that this album is the best he has ever made. He gets real about his struggles and addresses schizophrenia in the music video for “One of Those Days”.

By getting personal and delicate about his struggles he is making his way over to the top. His album, “Grow Up”, reached #8 on iTunes Hip Hop Charts for the USA and #25 for Canada. He also reached over 176,000 streams on Spotify and over 160,000 monthly listeners on the app. His YouTube channel has more than 7 million views.

Enkay47 has shown that people can overcome adversities in their lives and become better than they ever were. In his song, “Grow Up”, he reveals that he has suffered from Tourette syndrome since his childhood. From a boy who would stutter his words, he is now an emerging rapper. Furthermore, he has grown up without a father, as his father left when Nathan was just a child. Even with all these hardships, Enkay47 is still going strong. He is truly an inspiration for many. With his growing success, he has been compared to famous rappers such as Eminem and NF. However, he has brushed off this comparison. He has gone on to change his image with the blue hair and striking blue eyes to match. We can be sure that we will see more of Enkay47 in 2020.

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