Motivation has a major role in our life as it is a stimulating force that offers fuel to initiate certain measures to achieve aims. Likewise, it is a sort of fire that does not burn the skin but actually burns the fears. Similarly, there are numerous motivational speakers who have burst trepidation of many people into flames of success, and teach them the actual meaning of life. Their ultimate goal is to change the emotional and mental level of people profoundly as they are naturally surrounding in the pivot of their problems whereas motivational speakers try to eradicate their hurdles and diverge the focus towards opportunities by using their persuasive speeches. Nearly all motivational speakers relate their personal experiences of life and share them with audiences which inspires them as well as to show their audience how they had tracked and shaped their wrecked life.

With regard to the motivation, this article is also related to that life-changer motivational speaker and social media influencer from Canada who has used many forums and platforms to strengthen unmotivated people, Levy & Gordo. Levy, whose life purpose is to motivate people and he bears experience of over 30 years after numerous research regarding ups and downs of life. Helping others in achieving their dreams and you will achieve yours is one of his visions though he has also given purposeful lives to the number of people by his motivational speeches where he always insists that everything you ever wanted in your life is just one step outside of your comfort zone so do not expect anything high by being in comfort zone. On the other hand, Gordo is an incognito business partner of Levy, and he is the person with whom Levy promptly gives courage to people who dream how their lives should be, but not able to shape it, and for this reason, Levy always attached Gordo with his name. Moreover, he has also launched a consultancy website www.levyandgordo.com to provide instant access and solution to prosaic ones where they can easily get the chance to consult with him and inform him about their obstacles to life directly. Not only that but he also provides Skype consultation. He has an ample eagerness to persuade people to a greater extent, and for that purpose, he initiated a movement called, “Stop Freakin!” which means to stop thinking about pointless ideas and move on towards steadfast life.

For acquiring your desired lifestyle there is a popular method, “21/90 Rule”, which states that if you want to initiate your personal or professional goal, then you must enact consistently for 21 days to make it habit, but after 90 days of pursing of that goal; it will become your lifestyle, however, he is strongly in commendation of “90/365 rule” so in his video, “Why the 21/90 Rule is Myth” on YouTube Levy & Gordo does not favor that rule and states that 90 days are not enough to procure a lifestyle, but one needs to take at least 365 days to make it his lifestyle as nothing can become anyone’s set of circumstances merely in ninety days.

His action of speeches is so inspiring that people dream more, learn more, do more and become able to move on to that journey which they never could begin. Even one of Levy’s followers, Nandha Gopal N on his website states that “Levy & Gordo has given me a superlative life which I never been able to experience and now I am capable of solving problems myself more effectively and courageously”.

With the altruistic possessing nature, Levy & Gordo has a huge fan following on Instagram. He has 22.1K followers where he shares thought-provoking quotes.

It is Indeed that person like Levy & Gordo is an inspirational example for a society such persons are harder to find who works wholeheartedly for others. Levy & Gordo is among those selfless people who thinks the greatest way to find yourself is to lose in the service of others to assist peoples in achieving their purposeful life.

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