No one can deny that there are numerous talented people in the world in every sector. With a greater level of struggle and efforts, they make their name and impact in the world. Similarly, we also have multi-talented people who exert their endeavors to achieve their passion, and it is a beautiful feeling in life when a career and a passion come together.

In this article, we are going to talk about that multi-talented ex-professional snowboarder who made his name in the field of sports and later then became a staunch entrepreneur, Benton Obregon.

Benton Obregon is from Minnetonka, Minnesota, United States and was born in 1995, but currently, he lives in Silverthorne, Colorado. Benton Obregon is an ex-professional snowboarder, and now he is the founder and CEO at high point media. He started working on high point media from 1st March 2019. His agency is basically a premier marketing and advertising agency that brings client’s business to the next level. It provides clients with the professional resources who need to generate their revenues; grow clientele and reach their goals on social media. Since Business specialization dwells in Benton Obregon in his heredity, and thus he got this entrepreneurship and business consultancy skills from his family. The construction field has been a lifelong career for his father Marcial Obregon, President of Taylor Brock who started his construction company in 1984 and incorporated in 1998, then naming it after his newborn daughter, Taylor. Today, Taylor Brock Corporation is a family-owned company with Marcial, his wife Carla and their two children, Benton and Taylor, working together. As a family business, they are creating a legacy of values for the future that is dependable and trustworthy. Remembering that family and friends are important, his parents took time to support their children’s passions as aspiring professional snowboarders and skateboarders encouraging them to work hard, continue their studies and to play hard. 


Johnathan Buckhouse who is a famous video maker of professional snowboarders for his YouTube channel has broadcasted many videos of Benton Obregon while snowboarding and showed his skills. In September 2016 Obregon got 7th place in an event “Skills and Grills Open Qualifiers” among 18 entrants. He has participated in many national snowboard events and presented his skills and passion to the audience. He always had such a great time at Nationals, stoked to snowboarding. Benton Obregon got 1st place in Vision Elite Snowboard Team USASA in 2014 then received his invitations for the 2015 USASA National Championships, where he qualified to compete at the 26th Annual National Championships at Copper Mountain from March 28th to April 8th, 2015. Despite the rain and fog during an event “Burton US Open Qualifiers Men’s Halfpipe” Benton Obregon went off with a bang and showed his dedication towards snowboarding. The future is looking bright for snowboarding when the players like Benton steal the show.

As being very devoted and dedicated to his work, Benton Obregon is a passionate and keen youngster. He is seen to be very active on various social media platforms particularly on Facebook and Instagram. He has a huge number of fan followings on social media channels. Benton Obregon always seems to stay very concerned and updated about the latest fashion trends and tries to adopt new trends in styling; intensely fond of playing piano daily and according to him it provides inspiration to think new ideas of business.

According to Benton Obregon, deciding to quit his snowboarding career to pursue entrepreneurship is one of the hardest decisions he has ever made. But he believes to adopt new ways to face challenges by accepting new strategies of today’s life. If we do not respond to this challenge, we face the prospect of becoming irrelevant. If, as skill professionals, we assume that our old time-served competences will last a lifetime, we will find ourselves becoming candidates for redundancy.

So, it is a matter of fact that the only way to do great work is to love what you do. As long as Benton Obregon possesses enthusiasm of business, and put that passion in the work though it was his hardest decision to leave his sports career, sometimes the hardest decision to be made in order to live the life you deserve. Thus, his struggling life depicts that set your sights on passion and it is a prominent feeling that you are getting paid for what you love to do, but for that optimism, you should have the courage and stay committed.

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