Zalo Perez

Zalo pervez....15

This world is full of natural beauty but not all of us enjoy and appreciate it although there are some who not only love it but cherish this amazing world by being adventurous. They are the ones who are enthusiastic and passionate about exploring the world. Zalo Perez Herrera is one of those nature lovers whose life is the true depiction of their admiration towards the natural beauty of this wonderful world. Born in the year of 1993 in the beautiful Spanish city of Santander, Zalo Perez really shows the rich culture and enthusiasm in whatever he does. Either it is his education in the field of marketing or his outstanding skills of managing events; he is a living example of all the Spanish fervor.

For a human being, sometimes it takes a whole lifetime in recognizing the real personal interests of oneself. But Zalo Perez Herrera explored his core interests and likeness by the age of 23 years old. In spite of having an unstable childhood, and many difficulties with his livelihood, Zalo never gave up on the challenges that life brought to him. Instead, he became a very hard working person since his teenage. At the age of 14 years only, he soon started working and became the breadwinner by having a job as a waiter and then dealt in public relations as well. Since he did not have a pleasant childhood, therefore unlike other teenagers he did not like to go to school. He always put the least efforts in studying which caused him many hurdles in passing out from high school. Realizing the value of education, along with having a difficult lifestyle, Zalo somehow managed to graduate from a university in Spain. His consistencies towards hard work lead him to have a job in a multinational company.

In spite of having a stable job at a very young age, which is a dream to many youngsters, Zalo always felt that his life is not that satisfying and he must follow up on his passion and do what he really loves to do. Back in college, Zalo Perez could not speak in any language other than Spanish, which made him unable to take part in the Erasmus program (a program providing students to learn global education in order to learn new skills and expand their horizons). Since in the Erasmus program many students are involved belonging to different countries and they speak different languages or at least they must be having a good grip on spoken English to communicate with other students, Zalo could not make it take part in Erasmus. With the help of the coordinator of Erasmus, Zalo got motivated to learn English in order to take part in Erasmus. After successfully attending the Erasmus program held in Italy, Zalo realized that he actually loves to learn new languages and travel. After becoming a professional, Zalo Perez Herrera attempted to live his dream of traveling and exploring the world. Since then, Zalo started to travel across the globe. He visited many countries individually and also sponsored by his company. During his traveling, he realized that the real beauty of a country is inside the hearts of its people.

Throughout his journey of hard work, success and living his passion, Zalo comprehended the importance of being positive. He always tried to spread positivity to which he meets. He strongly believes that staying positive makes us happier and happiness is to make other people happy. Zalo Perez has so far traveled throughout Spain. He has also been living in Brazil, Italy, and South Africa for a couple of years. In explaining his life in a nutshell, Zalo Perez Herrera says “Only you know your actual worth if you think your work is good, look out for a way to sell it but always remember, giving your skills a right approach is the most difficult task. Once you start believing in yourself, it becomes easy for others to believe in you.”

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