Saqib Aslam (@Apisthebull)


Music plays a crucial role in everyone’s lives since it is the universal language of humanity though it is the fuel to our mind, and it begins when there are no words left. It is creativity in the purest form of art and passion that connects people with their feelings even it is the interpretation of their emotions and expressions too. Similarly, technological modernity has greatly enhanced and drastically added more taste of digitalization in the music industry meanwhile technological evolution has empowered studios and passionate music recorders to produce the technical and affordable quality of music incredibly. Thus, numerous music recorders have put their efforts to explore ways of sound generation and advancement to form unheard music effects.

In this article, we are talking about one of the most dedicated and diligent music recorders, Saqib Aslam who is known with “AP” as well.  In his career, Saqib Aslam wants to be the Mayor of his city, and for this reason, he pursued his degree in public administration from the University of Francisco (USF) and completed his graduation in 2009. Since, due to discriminatory issues, Saqib could not achieve his dream of becoming Mayor of the city. However, the music was his second choice of the career though he also loves to listen to music in his childhood as well. So, he moved on to his second choice though it was not easy for him as well, his higher extent of perseverance he accomplished his goal. However, with patience, determination and courage improved his situation and started his own music label in San Francisco called Apis Record.

Moreover, the encouragement and inspiration of creating Apis Record came in his mind after observing that many youngsters and artists are giving substantial shape to the music industry, and his music label will build up a bridge of abundant connections, approaches, and enlightenment among executives, artists, and entertainment brands in urbanized communities throughout the world. Not only that, but he also empowers passionate youngsters through his music label who have passion and skill of singing and rapping, and therefore, he recently established an initiative of coaching sessions in which he will teach and guide musically minded people that how they can launch their own music project, and also instructs how to extend their small projects to larger projects to the acme of success.

Saqib Aslam AP has achieved an opportunity to work with the most famous American rapper, Travis Scott in his “Butterfly Effect” music video in which he also used his car, Lamborghini, and that song reached to the record of double platinum in the United States on January 25, 2018; it has more than 218M views on YouTube as well. Meanwhile, AP is connected with his fan and thus has a huge fan following on Instagram, and more than 24.5k people are following him.

Besides his professionalism, Saqib Aslam AP also serves his life in humanitarian service as he believes that to find yourself is to engage yourself in humanitarian services and for this reason, he invests in real estate business and buys properties to build schools for poor in Uganda along with that he has also been helping in building school in Central Asia with the cooperative efforts of Central Asia Institute for over twenty years.

Thus, the life of AP interprets an example of inspiration for those who lost their hopes after facing troubles and difficulties as he firmly believes that a gloomy sees the difficulty in every opportunity, but an idealist sees the opportunity in every difficulty and if you have enough determination and courage then failure will not ever overtake you.

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