Ubeyde Cicek (@Ubeydecicek7)


Futsal game is also known as footsal is mainly an indoor game, it is a variant of association football played on the hardcourt surface, smaller than the pitch of football. It has gained momentum in the past few decades mainly throughout the European and American countries. The rise in the popularity of the game has paved the way for some upswing stars. When we talk about the game of Futsal then we count the name of its wonderful player Ubeyde Cicek. He is a famous Australian futsal player. Meanwhile, he has been playing with various clubs in different championships and has won several titles.

Although Cicek was not such popular until he came under the public’s glance when he was selected in the Australian National Men’s Team for the 2019 Futsal’s World Cup. The path to his achievements was not so smooth as he has been strived for years to become a professional futsal player. Indeed, his persistent hard work along with his aggressive gameplay has led to achieving this milestone.

Being an enthusiastic and energetic player, it is hard to take a leap of rest. Cicek, after his preeminent performance in the Futsal’s World cup 2019, is currently playing for Hume city football club Y and M. He started his career from the gross root, in the meantime, he has played for various clubs. His aggressive and ardent gameplay has resulted in gaining his popularity at home and abroad. Futsal as being discussed retains very strategic gameplay and further for being a sticker it takes a lot of practice and patience in the game. Cicek is known for his strategic role in passing and striking the goals.

At the age of 24, Cicek has become a sports star. He has been remained employed as a Humanities and Physical Education Teacher at Sirius College Sunshine Campus for a while. Similarly, on the education side, he has Studied Bachelor of Teaching Secondary Education at  La Trobe University. Before gaining popularity in the sport, Cicek has greatly invested his time in teaching exercises to the needy students in different colleges.


The pivot of Ubeyde success revolves mostly around his impressive success in following championships. Firstly, in Men’s championship, he scored 99 goals with the wining ratio of 52.42 and further he was awarded the title of man of the match 13 times. Similarly, the next great achievement of Ubeyde was his monumental performance in Youth’s competition, where he scored 140 goals with the wining ratio of 80.00 and moreover, he was awarded 15 times with the title of man of the match. Ubeyde keeps tremendous of holding a numerous futsal record: U21 National Champion, Futsal OZ Cup Winner, Futsal OZ Cup Golden and MVP Youth Player of the Season, Golden Boot 18/19, Youth Golden Boot x5, and Youth MVP.

While talking about the futsal, it is a spiraling game in many regions of the world. Meanwhile, it has got huge popularity mainly in European and American countries. Futsal game has rooted back from football, despite many similarities, it is a different game with variant characteristics.

Ubeyde Cicek has named himself several titles in a short span of time. Recently, he was brought in the limelight for his outstanding performance of scoring 33 goals which have led him wining the golden boot award. Additionally, he was also being selected for the SFV All-Star Squad. Similarly, he has been nominated for numerous awards. He is a potential athlete with a bright future.

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