Music is the strongest form of bond and magic in everyone’s lives. It drives us to the world of love and soul which comes to human life more readily than the words. Moreover, it is a sort of tool which expresses our life, and each and every word directly communicates to our heart. Similarly, electronic music also keeps great importance and has prominently made its place in the music industry. Nowadays many musicians are producing a tremendous composition of electronic music that inspiring people and winning their hearts.

This article is related to DJ (Disc Jockey) brothers who have not merely biologically relationship with each other, but they have an adhesive musical bond as well. Sammy and Lesen a well-known unique DJ music composer from Los Angeles, California, they are born with the natural passion and talent for the music and produce innovative kind of music composition with their exceptional mind who have earned the wings of many achievements in the music industry.

In a digitalized world where technology has an immense accent and with the assistance that technology they compose music with the technological effects by which Sammy & Lesen has been a convincing and pleasing million people to dance with his ingenious skill to create the groundbreaking form of music for over seven years. Moreover, Sammy & Lesen had a contingency to take part in one of the largest project, “The World Dance Music”, a radio program which was aired by a LOS 40 (Los 40 Principals) that also heightens their fame in the music industry. However, they also roll out the fragrance of music by performing live music in auditoriums and stadiums in assorted parts of the America, as well as they have also performed in the largest electric dance music festival of North America, Electrical Daisy Carnival (EDC) which is usually held in the month of May at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Mexico city.

Since the greater level of faith in optimism usually leads to the glorious achievements and nothing can be done without hope and confidence, and with such level of buoyancy and optimism, Sammy and Lesen launched their own music record studio namely, S&L STUDIO in 2019 which is fitted with advanced studio gear, and fiber-optic cabling and however, it is one of substantial their achievements and began to produce an uplifted super hit album, Legacy which contains 28 leading songs. Among those songs, Destellos got more love and acclamation by their fans, and almost more than 1.1M people have watched on YouTube. Not only that they also provide a platform to the producers, young artists, and moviemakers who have the passion to show their talents by using modern equipment of technology even though passionate youngsters have an opportunity to share their videos with the world as well.

In an interview, Sammy & Lesen expressed their opinion that “Our world is full of talent and it is important to invest in young talent as they are the stars of tomorrow, and for this reason, we are accommodating them by providing a platform through our studio who have the excessive dedication, passion, and determination to make their name in the world of music.

Moreover, Sammy & Lesen have a huge fan base over various streaming websites including Spotify, and YouTube where millions of people acquire the superlative pleasure and exultation of their songs and videos alongside their profession. They have about 9.17K subscribers over youtube as well as musician brothers love to socialize on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They have 7K followers on twitter along with that 68K followers are there on their Facebook page and more than 16k are following them on Instagram.

Thus, Sammy & Lesen have set an example of ingenuity in the history of music who have provided a trailblazing taste of music with the use of modern technology, and they also assist to fulfill the dreams of many youngsters who want to create an illustrious image in the musical field.

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