Vinicius Yamada


Talent is a thing that makes us recognize to the world, and it separates the pre-eminent ones from the rest ones and the world is filled to the brim with such talented people in different fields, and Vinicius Yamada is one of the precious and highly demanded among those personalities in various sector.

Vinicius Yamada is the 38-year-old Brazilian journalist, publicist, and activist who also possessed specialization in digital marketing. He was born on 25 September 1981 in the Brazilian southwest municipality, Uberlandia, Minas Gerais, but presently, he lives in the most populous city, Itapetininga, the southeast region of Brazil.

At the beginning of his career, Vinicius Yamada set about his professional life as a public relations representative at the D-Edge club, São Paulo where he worked for five years, but currently, he works as an editor-in-chief of Gay Blog Br, Born Dia Ipanema, and Hello Itapetininga. Since he is also a social activist, and being an activist, he actively takes part in becoming the voice of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Shemale, Transsexual and Transgender) community. In keeping the view to highlight their issues and rights to the world, so on 6th July 2011, he founded the POC awards winning Brazilian news portal, Gay Blog Br, a content-free portal for the LBGT community. Along with that, it is the originating platform to channel the Brazilian voice, and other numerous concerns including current affairs, entertainment, culture, lifestyle, digital marketing, technology, and many more.

Technology is not merely a tool, but it is a platform to give a voice to the learners that they may have not before. Similarly, Vinicius Yamada favorably concerns empowering Brazil technologically to eradicate homesickness and to aware people of the usage of the technology. In fact, in 2009, Vinicius Yamada launched Portuguese social networking application, Distribua Magoas (Distribute sorrows) on his first-ever arrival to Brazil, and its performance and popularity persuaded him intuitively with the impression that this country encompasses with the excess talent.

As long as, he retains expertise in digital marketing; he exceptionally promotes guerrilla marketing along with Czechs on one of the Brazilian programs. Not only that, he also put his attempt in the film industry to its acme of successes as a content-manager at Festival Mix Brazil, and with the greater level of endurance he also initiated a carnival group, the Rio de Janeiro accompanied with the well-known filmmaker and the psychologist, Joaquim Leaes de Castro, and produced total 12 short films among three of them clasped multitudinous admiration of the audience. For the reason, he achieved the most dignitary award, Gong Show presented by the prominent actress, Marisa Orth in Mix Brazil Festival of Culture of Diversity in 2018.

Furthermore, his purpose of life is the quintessence of the human dignity of Brazilian, and his dignity incessantly acquires admiration not only in Brazil but throughout the world. As a result he has tremendously procured the stupendous fan base over twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It is worthy to note over 14.3k people follow him on Instagram as well as he runs a YouTube channel, Gay Blog Br with 22.5k subscribers and a total of 5.5M views on its videos.

Vinicius Yamada has set the virtuous and the exemplary example in his life. He also firmly believes that equality in a society is the prime basis of human happiness, and being a fervent activist he became the voice of the LBGT community by providing them a free news portal to raise their social issues and rights. Thus, he proves himself to be the veracious and the multi-talented epitome of inspiration.


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